no sah uno come here, dora mi nah lie dem mud yuh to p**yclath, mi cant believe ah dis ah di duty chocolate weh uno ah argue ova, elmo f**k and yam p**y like it aguh outta style, Camille seh. she ah wait pon big bad sh*tty breath dora from the bronx fi bax har, dora mek we see yuh defend yuh badness muma yuh finally meet yuh b***h match, dora yah ah idiat meh dem pon 3way with Camille and elmo ah mud yuh, elmo ah tell Camille seh yuh liikle room have bare roach, yuh fat and outta ah shape and him only did ah f**k yuh suh yuh can spend yuh likkle theifng money on him. why yuh neva ask elmo why em neva went to yuh dance sunday night idiat gal, but yuh suh fool fool any thing elmo tell yuh, yuh ah guh believe dumb b*tch,,,,,


  1. Dora a wicked. She love mix up that keeps her alive. Notice every female she par wid she set up money team man dem fi f**k dem off. She evil!

  2. Camille really a war ova a man that’s not hers…. baby girl a full time now yuh leave that man alone before yuh catch aids, all him do a walk and suck n f**k everybody….. Dora stay bad so a how Elmo f**k she..two gyal a war ova a man that nuh belongs to them

    1. How two side chick a war ova man whey nuh own none of dem. He obviously f**k anything cuz Camille ugly and bleach out and Dora ugly and fava amazon man!! Laurie need to stop cuz a mine she mine har bf why him nah left hat. Ask har how many time she give him her tax return and money whey she work to flip. How many times him tell har him lose the money and a buy out ooman. All of these bitches is clowns and should be ashamed to call themselves “a woman”. They are all degrading to woman, that’s why no real man will treat them like a lady must less look pon them. F**king man clown dem fi call!!!

  3. dora you suck my pussy already n me suck urs too yoh have a funny looking pussy mi nena enjoy it yoh fi shower before we do it the next time thou kisses .

  4. Even though im not a fan of these stuff not going to lie it’s not Camille man alone but I always admire her and elmo went on her page a few times because I hear about her but my girl don’t lower your class for this girl I don’t know her but I visit her page and saw her live and it don’t look good but you can really see that she’s putting on a show….anyway Camille leave elmo before him make people kill you off leave your beautiful kids

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