12 thoughts on “WHO REALLY OWN DI MAN?

  1. Shut up berry you ain’t tuff stop put on a show. You want to tek the girl man and think she going to remain calm like really bitch!! Go sit down with your nasty ass trying to hype on people and still live in your madda apartment dwl!! Uno need fi build before you get what you ask for. Now you you taking people man but when the gal was taking your baby father you did ah gwan like it’s the end of the world cho. Uou corny and lame and wack bitch your pieces ain’t hitting and you look stupid. You bitches live this fake rich ghetto life if I was that girl I would come beat out you BBC cause you can’t fight your a clown go sit down before you eat your words and get humbled. Fake ass gangster bitch and anyone hyping you up is just as lame and corny cause what hoes around come around. Go get a f**king house and a up to date BMW and get a real job and stop fronting. You been a hoe for years that’s why your baby father give you so much bun him bun you up till you have to run to a next man to be a side chick

    1. My girl wah you own? Come declare what you have. What assests do you own in america? As a matter of fact do you currently posses a US passport? You a talk bout come fight yet u posting anonymously….what does that say?? Salty ass bitches. Yuh mad bc u probably work minimun wage and still cant make nothing outta bloodclaat life. The gurl young n fresh n a do har thing n it a hurt up yuh BBC head. Your man goodly deh with him side chick yah now. *Alkaline voice SUMMIN BOUT MI SIDEEEEEE GAALLLLL

  2. What a tea noice :ngakak :ngakak omg berry you really a tekk people man ????????? Me did think a your man LMAOOOOO are u really a side chick ???????????? DWL ok Anna Bella carry onn :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :malu

    Girl why?
    You always fighting over Man U don’t see the pattern??
    Ur friends need to tell u to bill! It don’t look good
    U have 2 kids just chill yo

  4. Thiefing berry wah walk and thief di other day dem shoulda lock yuh ass up.. u love talk bout money and u bruck and hungry like.. come out a yuh madda house inna di one room wid yuh 2 pitney dem… stop tell lie pon ig like u deh a California… people can tell lie so lmaoooo… u nuh stop mind man all di mine u mine dem u always lonely lmaooo man face looking berry u life sad bad… go sort out yuh life likkle gal… man dun pon u a bronx.. bronx garbage pan… leave thevpeople n dem man… from u baby fadda leff u a bare man dm u a run in a… slim and stay bad… yuh mussi buy u badness a corner store… u and u thiefing friends cah mek one… #hippie kimmy another man royal wah ever inna di store dem a thief… look like all the thief dem par… berry.. hippie kimmy.. and di twin dem from new jersey Lida & Rima di simple flexx dem wife..#(Lukie & Lexton wife). mi nuh know how dem nuh gone prison yet… Berry its 2017 go get a life my girl

    1. And you same one probably be in the gurl DM for credit or to buy her goods. BERRY CAN GO ANY F**KING STORE N TEK UP WAH SHE WAAN BC SHE IS UNCLE SAM DAUGHTER . She pay har tax so if she waan go hustle she can more that bloodcaat do it. Bout prison DWLLL a we say BORN HERE. WE NUH HAVE NOOO WEH A GOOOO. But ICE soon kno wah fi do with unno man. Yuh nuh see say a scamming a run the place? You ever feed har yet? Bout hungry . Yuh haunted hole madda nuh hungry???

  5. She was working at an Assistant living facility but all I see she does now is walk around all day or take the train to Harlem. Why she no longer working there???

  6. Some a unno a chat need fi shut the f**k up. Sooooo wat if the gurl live with her mother? Afta a nuh gal she a kotch with. She come outta har madda so wat if she waan live deh. Some a unno not even live no weh good and a come chat pure f**kery. THE MAN NUH BELONG TO NOBODY afta him nuh BBC married.

  7. She probably thief something @anoymous gal walk and thief every single day.. Wah me cah understand is u get up everyday go inna di people dem store and thief and sell but where is the money going cause not even a good bedroom set she has smh… dem do things fi hype so she see di gal baby fada a gwan wid a likkle huslings she a run in… dem gal yah have low self esteem long time man nuh stop f**k out har mouth and then she spends the likkle thiefing money on dem.. Di man dem nah gi har shit if they was she woulda move out a di 1 room wid har twins.. Have big chat and nuh live no weh lmaoo… BEWARE BIG THIEF… She steals in Aldos, Victoria Secret, Bath & Body, H n M etc…

  8. Who cares if she a yankee or uncle sam pitney stfu.. jail mek fi anybody whether born ya or nuh born yah.. berry mek sure yuh mumma born yah too ediat gal bout u a come ya come comment.. man royal looking berrry u shoulda shame fi itch up 1 room wid u 2 pitney dem careless gal.. mek use a di thiefing money n stop mine man cause no man nuh wah yuh lmao yuh life sad nuh bloodclaut… spend more time schooling your kids dan thiefing… she get fired from di job.. she thief over deh..

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