14 thoughts on “WHO UNDERSTAND THIS?

  1. Unno sey man a dawg but a long time the facts show unno women give the “wickedest bun”! Look how much bun di Puppa drop an none cyaaan compare to di 1 jacket suzie!!Wicked!!

  2. YardieT, come to think of it Suzie no safe none at all. Cause her siblings of her rightful Pappy may also come as potential love interests too.

    2 of the same blood type must not produce all if dem not related.

  3. Also, there’s an error in the second paragraph. It should’ve read “I’d just assume yo’ Ma’ don’t know”.

    So, with the above mentioned, Susie log on pon a man and plan marriage, and her father seh “DAT NAW GUH ‘RERK'”, cawzen seh di man ah yuh bredda! Suh Susie, along wid har sibling finding gadget-crotchiz, find one mo’, and di Pa’ run een and quash di fire faster dan har HOT CROTCH spark di incestuous flames, for yet again, Susie log on pon anedda bredda, however, Susie mumma aka Miss Tekkington, chime rite een and gi har FULL CLEARANCE, yes, grant har TOTAL ACCESS to di one buddy or the other, for NEITHER belongs to her brother/s, cawzen seh, Pawpa ain’t her “favah” (yes, not father, but “favah”, as in “BYRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN, YOU KNOW I SOUND LIKE A SIREEEEEEEEEEEEN, BUT YOU GON’ TAKE CARE AH DIS BAAAAABYYYYYYYYYYYYY, AND IT AIN’T GON’ BE NO MAAAAAYBEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!……MUVAH! FAVAH!”)! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Yes indeed cita,PP u on to something enuh!!gooodd mawwwninggg (in my bounty Killa voice)! Listen I wonder If unno realize at the rate Suzie clocking she gonna end up goodly marrying her real Puppa?? Mumma,suzie,father jacket are all one bag a coroaches when u put fun and joke aside.

    I have no doubt this happen Inna real real life especially Inna westmorland ,portland and dem country area deh!

  5. Lmao Daddy did a run di cocky a road hard and mommy run di crotches unda di quiet.
    Men act as if they are smarter than women, and we keep proving them wrong.

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