0 thoughts on “WHO WORE IT BEST

    1. London _________________. How u bad so. Dwlllll…..Di girl ina di white pan di leff nuh look bad man cho. Lol. Mi tink yuh only misbehave pan Mondays. :angel

  1. Well on the top row, the black dress just look better because of the color. The blue one nuh look right, then the woman inna di blue dress just look anorexic. She need some porridge & bout 4 slice ah hardo bread with butter daily fi curve out herself.

    The white dress on the bottom, the one on the left look slightly better since she’s a little bit slimmer & since she didn’t add the clunky necklace. Sometimes less is more!

  2. Christine in the black dress, te blue dress brings me back to the race track over Portmore……..Iron Donkey!

    Toya Lee in the white dress, the other to chunky that the dress gathers in the mid section and does nothing for her shape.

    1. Yuh know I was gonna say dat….but tru di post say “who wore it best” mi nay_________________________________________ :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

      1. @Anon 10:34am yuh know yuh not lying. Kareen why yuh never look right eehhh? Mi nuh remember ever seeing Kareen and shi look nice wid the 2 basket ball dem pan her chest. Kareen mi remember how yuh duh up Gwenny and talk her business outta road, from den mi nuh like yuh causen sey Gwenny did sorry fi yuh and hire yuh and yuh duh di lady bad bad. Yuh heart nuh clean none tall

  3. Christine wore it better than Kareen and Toya_Lee wore it better than the other girl.
    Christine how yuh look so sad ma’am? #ja

  4. Yoya lee fi the win. I know her, very smart girl, she just graduated fi graduate school with a degree in English Education. Mi surprised she deh a party, always well dressed.


  6. Christine look good, baddd!

    @Iron donkey Karine, ah weh you ah duh pon yourknee dem mek dem *AAWWWSWAAZE* white and course, like high grade sand paper suh???? Noooooo mayneeeee!

  7. Careen you nuh excellent at all, you always look like you want a bath. never look good yet nuh matter what you put on, all di body u duh u still nuh look good. You look grey like a d.uppy,. Skin look crawney, u nuh have no good heart u a wicked and evil dats why u nuh have no friends, All di obeah u a buy u nuh si seh it nah mek u no better. You tun promoter now? u stop try do di hair ting. You fi go si dung.

  8. Met the top left killed it blue no no bottom white dress simone British killed it she doesn’t normally put on dress just pants and sneakers she shocked the world when she pulled off wearing this dress just beautiful.

  9. di girl inna di black sell off di blue dress no look bad but a who a wear it mek it look mash up…now di gal inna di white pon di left had thing tun up,,now day big mouth one day it look stuff up pin had..british learn fi wear u size..unnu too falla facing..it no look gud..it look like a barrow chi barrow it from di one pin di left..unnu no see it look like chi caw even breath inna di dress…it tun dung british..go suck some more cocky and tailor made anotha dress caz a pare tailor wear den gal yah wear and still no look bud..shi caw of ford it inna di store

    1. y bitish face look so ooooo..har face look like ms. potato head..dwllll..she look frighten..and mi nah lie british neva look bud mi no know who a fool harrr. chi always see gal look gud inna clothes and run go to di tailor pin white plains rd..mi neva see den gal day inna no name brand store batta ears british

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