24 thoughts on “WHO WORE IT BEST

  1. Sorry to say Lena pants shows
    Karen arms are too big in the dress
    Annie well the dress look cheap
    Not dissing any of them

  2. I will have to go with Lena, very blue, yet clean and in the dress. Karen’s arms and Annie’s stomach are equally upset they were fourced into that dress.

  3. well….di 3 a dem coulda come inna mi class and fail cause dem woulda get di “D”…..but di first chick…her breasts arent so big so the dress doesnt bunch up in the middle………her body is more svelte so the dress retains more of its symmetry in the horizontal and vertical planes….

  4. 1. Lena because the dress was the best fit on her

    2. Karen a very close second, the stylingbto go with the dress was impeccable

    3. Annie epic fail, you cannot even believe that it’s the same dress

  5. Mi wudda put one pon Lena, naah lie. See ar inna one dance few years back n mi a say mi wudda knock it n knock sweet.

  6. Lena still alive, she look like she cant even duh plastic surgery fi save her saggy face. I wonder how she sleep a night time, nuh wonder she always have nuff people around her. Bwoy oh bwoy.

  7. the one in the middle, blue shoe and blue dress? wah kinda country dressing that? the one with the black shoe and purse pull the fit off better

  8. I always thought Lena was British born? Someone comment and say she don’t have nothing in JA, but why would she is she is British? And I thought Lena did have businesses in Jamaica, albeit she is a English. Don’t know Lena, but seems like she’s been through a lot, but still manages to smile.

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