4 thoughts on “ZERO ZERO

  1. :rolleyes: mi nuh like dat skittles looking dress :thumbdown lady inna di middle shoulda just leave di damn robe and di one pan di right just confused she tink a costume party suh she just decide fi wear a native American costume…. poor tings dem neva had a chance.

  2. MI nuh know dem girls here but Sender it is clear that you a carry belly fi at least one a dem. Nuttn no wrong wid dem outfit. At least dem nuh look hard up like cement. Cause a suh nuff a unnuh look. Met That’s why hypeness nuh work. Just keep it real nuh cause memba ppl see unnuh a day time and the pretentious life unnuh a life pon social media meck unnuh a laughing stock.
    Why unnuh nuh send in stories with substance. Met Jah know, Dem ppl yah meck pinkwall boring more time. Sender wi wha hear fi yuh dutty laundry. Or send in your pic and compare yourself to these girls.

  3. Oh plz charisma did tummy tuck and if you ever see the big nasty scare under her belly buttom, shit look disgusting that doctor wicked to she because that was a botched job, plus she inject her ass and still nuh look good. All a them in the pic body fake and none of them own they own apt. All they do is party day and night, tief clothes and scam and hype on social media and don’t have nothing to show but clothes and shoes. Them is NOBODY!!!

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