THE relatives of Nakiea Jackson, who was killed by the police under controversial circumstances last week Monday, have managed to block a hastily arranged post-mortem on his body from being conducted yesterday.

Jackson’s sister, Shackelia Jackson-Thomas, told the Jamaica Observer that none of his relatives had been informed by the police that an autopsy was to take place at the Kingston Public Hospital morgue yesterday.

“I was in my bed and got a phone call about it. I immediately began calling around and our attorney, Jacqueline Neita-Robertson, made some calls and managed to get the examination halted. They did not tell us about it,” she said.

Jackson-Thomas said staff at the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) stepped in and ordered that the autopsy be put on hold.

The commission was also not informed of the intention to conduct a post-mortem on Jackson’s remains.

According to Jackson-Thomas, her family have since filed a request with the Ministry of National Security that they intend to have an independent pathologist observe the autopsy on their behalf.

The decision not to inform the relatives of the dead man or INDECOM is a breach of the regulations of the security ministry and left co-convenor of human rights lobby group Jamaicans For Justice Susan Goffe taken aback.

“Something is completely not right there. It really raises some serious questions that need to be answered quickly. The thought that the autopsy would have gone ahead without the knowledge of the family, without the knowledge of INDECOM is disturbing,” Goffe said.

She called for a full probe by Police Commissioner Owen Ellington into the allegations.

“It a matter of concern for the commissioner. Who authorised it? They could not have moved the body from the morgue if it was not authorised,” said Goffe. “This is a case where the commissioner and the minister of national security promised that a full and complete investigation would be carried out. Which pathologist was going to do the autopsy? I wonder if that person knew that there was a breach? It needs to be investigated.”

Jackson’s death at the hands of the police sparked a protest by residents of his Orange Villa community in downtown Kingston on Monday and Tuesday last week.

Police claimed they were chasing a “dreadlocks-looking man” they suspected had just staged a robbery and when they attempted to accost him he pointed a gun at them. The cops reported that they “took evasive action” and fired two shots which hit the man, and a 9mm pistol was recovered.

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  1. Smh, before dem admit dem guilt them a try some dirty under-handed tricks, well the family ain’t letting go off this one cause si dem better wheel and Come again. Good morning all bloggers have a great day!

  2. SMH!!! Mi nuh surprise not one bit! Regular ting dem do…. I’m glad his sister was smart enough to hire an attorney and not let this go like countless other families have done in the past. Justice will be served.

  3. The commissioner and security minister don’t respect themselves because noway on earth would I allow anyone of my lower ranking officers make me look bad,yet everyday this happen.It shows lack of self respect by those two men .

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