A Bulawayo security guard sustained a deep cut on the forehead and cheek after a patron stabbed him with a broken bottle at a sports bar in the city inb a dispute over an empty bottle.

The patron later on ran amok and threw stones inside the bar sending other patrons scurrying for cover.

Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube heard how Wellington Lusinga, 27, of Old Magwegwe suburb flew into a rage and attacked Aaron Chidya, 42, stabbing him with a broken beer bottle for blocking his friend from leaving the bar with an empty bottle.

Frank Ncube the prosecutor narrated how on January 12 at about 3AM, Chidya spotted Mlungisi Ndlovu walking towards the exit holding an empty beer bottle.

He blocked him from leaving the bar without paying a deposit.

“Chidya and Ndlovu had a misunderstanding during which Lusinga joined in the fight provoking the complainant. Lusinga then took a bottle from the counter and smashed it against the wall before stabbing Chidya on the face with the broken bottle,” said Ncube.

Chidya sustained a deep cut on the forehead and cheek and was rushed to hospital.

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