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BURLINGTON, CO (KDVR/CNN) – A man broke his silence from behind bars, speaking out about spending the rest of his life in prison.
Rene Lima-Marin was 19 years old when he robbed two video stores armed with a gun.
He served 10 years and was released in April 2008, but that turned out to be a mistake.
He says the rifle he used in the robberies wasn’t loaded, and no one was hurt. But his case was aggressively prosecuted under a program called “Cop,” a program which is no longer in use.
Eight convictions led to a 98-year sentence, one he says is excessively harsh for a crime normally carrying four to 16 years.
Lima-Marin had it all: a wife, kids, a home.
“It’s that every day, happy, white-picket-fence type of life,” he said.
It’s a life he never imagined could be his as a convicted felon.
“What makes this that much harder, is the fact I constantly have them right here,” Lima-Marin said.
It’s a life that vanished overnight Jan. 7, when a judge sent him back to prison to finish a 98-year sentence.
“Ninety-eight years for what? You know, for what?” Lima-Marin said
It’s a sentence his appeals lawyer told him was just 16 years.
“She came to visit me, said you no longer have 98 years, you basically are given 16 years, which is what we were fighting for anyway,” Lima-Marin said
But her information was wrong, as was the court file sent to the Department of Corrections stating his sentences should run all at once, instead of back-to-back.
“I would have never had a wife. I would have never had children. I would have never bought a house. I would have never done any of those things,” Lima-Marin said. “But I did those because you let me out. And now they are being punished for something they had absolutely nothing to do with.”
It’s a punishment he says is excessive, wrong and breaks up his family
“People have raped, molested kids, taken lives and had 15, 20, 25 years,” Lima-Marin said. “And I made a mistake and tried to steal some money, and I am given my entire life in prison?”
He added: “I acknowledge the fact that I did something wrong. I take responsibility for the fact that I did something wrong. But I also believe I completed the punishment.”
Lima-Marin served 10 years with exemplary behavior – not written up even once. And when he got out, he pledged he’d never do anything to go back.
“That’s all I want people to see, is that I’m not that guy,” he said. “I don’t deserve 98 years. I deserve the time that I did.”
Lima-Marin won’t even be eligible for parole until the year 2054 – 40 years from now – when he’s 75.
His family has set up an online petition to help generate support for his immediate release.
They’re also accepting any donations to help pay for a lawyer that has accepted the case.
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  1. I have no intentions fi commit no crime, but if I have to might as well go the full 100 and kill smaddy, because dem a get less time. He should not be made to pay for their mistakes, this is just wicked, and is not the first time this crap happen

  2. Met yuh sure this real? 98 years for what, them mad, them need to summon the president asap in this, is what we have him for, instead of him trying to save non Americans, and other people outside the US, he needs to take a look at what is happening here

  3. Because slavery never ended, it was just transferred to the prison system. Wall Street traders rob billions and get probation. The man they made the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ after got 2 years, served 1 and was released on good behavior. Prison is for poor people, that generally means inner city black men. They can work for corporations for free with no unemployment benefits, no sick or vacation pay and get 28 cents an hour. Prison is big business plus there’s the additional benefit of taking away the fathers from the homes thus ensuring the sons will end up right in prison, creating a beautiful cycle of plantation labor.

  4. I agree with @foxy 1000 percent on this I listen to Dr Omar Johnson its like there setting up genocide for black ppopulation right here in America dem have it out fi we

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