0 thoughts on “WHY???????

  1. met di pic sicknening…money a summen weh full a germs..pass from hand to hand..why a new born baby have money on and around him is beyond me smh do betta parents….

      1. I wonder if dem know literally how much shit and coke dem find pon money….literally dutty money smh

  2. What is wrong wid dese social network pappyshows!!! Who inna dem right frame ah mind woulda duh dis?? den weh di mumma did deh when dis ah took place??? Hope money deh bout wen ah time fi di yute get education. #jackasspuppa

  3. Real careless ting dat.It should be mandatory fi nuff a dem fi guh parenting classes since dem nah work…no less than 40hrs a week , dem too idle

  4. Why ya’ll surprised? It’s dancehall folks…til they start doing right ( which would shock tha hell outta me ), nothing they say or do surprises me anymore..typical crab inna barrel mentality..

  5. but Met u know why me no surprised?? dis is coming from Jermaine..him do everything fi attention..no figet a long time him love di hype enuh

  6. Damn never see come see. That could not be my child but anyhow I would not allow careless bwoy like him impregnate me at all……unreal!

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