34 thoughts on “WHY SHE GONE A DI LADY YAWD?

  1. A gooddddddddddddddddddd I just die a thousand times mi reach a ground a shoulda some stale piss….bright and the husband him nuh better lol a weak tpc

  2. A shoulda a milo pan weh have shit inna it nd did a bake inna de sun she have nd daab de two a dem wid it,weh she gone a de gal yard fah when de problem still a sleep beside her wen night come..if de woman did even kill her she had all right it would consider self-defense cuz she come as her house as a damn threat

    1. Lololol…yu see how she a pose wid de bag and norman him a kick out him roach killa boot dem? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      ***Note to wetters: I tired a people a dash and drop de container. Unu fi dash the substance an use the container and deliva some rass lick right afta! Chooo

    2. God know Simplicity! You are so on point. Some ish should reach right inna har face. Why women still so damned stupid man? First thing, every Jamaican who ever have a fight in Jamaica know – you don’t go to the enemy’s yard because they can kill you & get away with it, so you lay wait them on the road, or better yet, the enemy laid up right beside you – beat him in the house. Is what? Jamaican woman forget how fi throw hot oil inna man ears or sumting? I’m just sayin.

  3. You f**h yu. Bout u gone war wud stush chatting bout. NORMAN TELL HER IT’S HI AND BY.

    Since you leaving carry out mi piss pot fi mi pon di whole ahhh you bahdi.. Some shit and acid should ah mix indeh. Love it..

  4. Norman!! Norman!! come on man, first and foremost how u mek she brazen so? A the lady yard? Before u cut ar one n send ar out a d car? No Norman mi wudnt even put u up bcuz mi know she put u out. Mi naah laugh the pawt weh she say “U kno wah come out a mi yard” woosh. No sah bible a fulfill. Norman soft thats why the woman reach desso bcuz it obvious she a bull buck. But mek a did some mums mi know, she wudnt brave enuff fi tan up inna d yard much less come chat. 12 GAUGE Str8!!! F**ka sound like some p@ssy kmft.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak. All belt my lady have fi whoop up har ass.

      Norman a bitch! It look like the woman no in a nothing wid norman but him yard dog think so and him mek it look so just fi feel important like him boot point.

  5. some wife just waan prove that dem run things and dat dem a “wife,” I hope the matey put har good good to betta use and nuh gi no more to this waste man.

  6. The woman and Norman nuh deh dem a good Fren the woman married and live with husband!!! Norman wife hear the woman call Norman a ask him feh carry har guh a airport and she get mad seh dem a plan trip !!! I swear if i was the i would give both a dem a assing when norman deh pon the varanda i woulda whap him up with the piece a hose the two a dem too brite feh guh a the woman yard !!!stupid wife and fool fool Norman

    1. Inna real life? :ngakak So the wife really is a stupid woman for real real then man? Bring disgrace to the woman’s yard. Bwoy, if ever a woman deserve a proper beating from another woman – this is it.

  7. Dearest nice n decent ppl I beg to differ on this one WITH all a who comment already.THE BEST verse inna the bible sey blessed are the peace makers for they shall SEE GOD!

    Look how peacefully,nice n calm wifey a talk to zena warrior princess.can’t ppl resolve their differences as grown folks in a mature manner?WHY the need to resort to violence?unno explain how the bucket of water drop in??

    1. she deserve every ounce a water weh shoulda drown har…she upset the woman spirit and the kady should a rub har out some more…stupid !!!!!
      So her husband has no female frens????

    2. True she upset the woman trespass on her property, when she a trespass on the woman husband . Only thing she shoulda can beat both Norman & di gyal

  8. Remember this is not foreign where ppl quick to shoot u for trespassing.This is Jamaica n it’s quite common fi go ppl yard go reason with them.I hope you all realize she didn’t even give wifey a split second to leave the yard,longtime rush the lady.

    Tek the woman Norman n assault her pon top of it?no sah ME CAN’T support dem tings deh Rasta!

    1. Yu betta support it blow wow tiday friday oh… :hammer

      Xena hangle up norman guard dog just right!

      YardieT, de “hi and bye” a war words. That tumble tudd come fi play queen bitch. The little woman hangle it propa…bet yu that drum body gal no come back a gate?

  9. But pon the real y Norman have on dah suit deh inna Jamaica look how the place hot inna him kick mi kill mi shoes Norman think him cocks man and the next thing y him neva tek him wife outta the yard him mek the other man tek him wife outta the yard look like norman fraid a har from my point a view yuh cyaa tell seh a nuh Norman run the house Norma out him foot like him a seh ” mi kick out mi foot cause mi nuh gyal mascot”

  10. Norman do dat wife a idiot. The woman shoulda douse dem wid some ole stale piss. Commandment number one in the Ten Commandmentd of love. Thou shall not go to thy Matie yard, nor call they matie phone and all shall be well with thee. Wifey your sleeping with the enemy, coulda save herself the trip and deal wid Norman at home

  11. See how Norman boot mouth long.the woman should a take it off him foot and use it juck her in her eye.why she gone a di lady yard,could’ve lost her life

  12. spoon lol spoon lol who we fi falla woman,? u must walk back a woman, opposite sex are for each other, all a we weak don’t know why the video stop dwllll

    1. Back in the day, mates used to store viler things than that. But a bucket of water is a major requirement now in all households in Jamaica, because NWC beating us bad from uptown to downtown, rural to urban. But this woman don’t look like she’s her mate, maybe that’s why she wasn’t ducked with something worst.

  13. Good for her the woman should a throw piss pan her before she ask her man bright gone a the girl yard lol lol I can’t stop laugh good for her the woman should a gi her a proper beating never too sure a someone old idiot dem sure a the woman lol wet up straight how you mean

    1. She over confident bad! You see how she have de grip pon har wrist and bout “hi and bye” …like unu say a should one pail a overnighters she get duck wid :ngakak

      Maybe if a round a back a de house she did come dat viler (per Cindy) collection would a catch her and norman roach killers :hammer

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