1. She was dressed as a ninja for Halloween,again from Lady Saw kill nd bury her career that very night a sting she caan resurrect suh at this moment in time for her she willing to do anything to still be in the lime light. NAh lie tho mi love how she keeping the weight off coming down nicely same way but like Spice needs a stylist and hairdresser badly weh know how to tell dem what color hair works for them

  2. Met! You marka ink done? De amount you use fi hide unda macka dusty cellar me have fe ask Ooo :ngakak

    From the kitchen counta nhamings me slide past fi har post dem…but de marka got me dwln

  3. Big up Lady Saw….all inna har dutty ways she never haffi a stoop so low as nuff a dem yah…who if dem nah skin out, pose half naked, start argue pon instagram, name a call inna mix up, or a run backa promoter/dj/scammer fi di likkle money fi mek mek look like suptn dem nuh relevant!

    Mumma Saw step and gone and all now me still deh ya a look fi one a dem step up…what happen to all a dem weh used to a call up har name…?

  4. She can’t just rebrand and do something a bit cultural or something ? She been in the business long time she shouldn’t be doing all this ! @ Met if u see the one where she on the floor spread out like grunge lizard.

    1. ______________________________________________________ Macka older than lady saw its a shame she cudda put some makeup under har

  5. Dirty clothesless Macka weh love walk an beg! Mi did haffi race ar up bout she a beg me ex fi buy ar clothes. Dirty gal Macka weh go Bayonne, NJ go do 3-SOME caws she think she did a go get a buss LOL I got this donkey mouth gyal file but a chuu me no waan loud up certain people. Macka is a BUM.

  6. (Anonymoius 13) If you no want loud up di tink, why come in here to drop word. smdh. Be brave and say what’s on your mind.

    1. Tell you fren seh fe cover unda ar cause it dark like subway tunnel, a dat you fe do an stap tell people bout bravery.

  7. Macka too ugly das why….but dem say ugly gal pumpum tight…. But all Chu di likkle hole space weh met Nuh block out di pums look distance…

  8. Macka, this is not a good look, especially for someone of your age. Not even the excuse of drinking too much alcohol can cover this fckry. Do better!

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