33 thoughts on “WHY THIS BEAST NUH GROW UP

  1. Women so desperate dem going send on they vagina damn fool dem ! How you married but single ?? Go court file divorce papers

  2. But it look like Nickesha throwing shades on her insta too. I don’t know what these women find appealing on this clown

  3. Boy Ms Nickeshadhq Big Drama Roach in a Yuh milk… Di bwoy say him single…. Mi notice how wen him and the wife first left …uno all a dress to match and only Marvin alone u whine up pon a dance…but the bwoy don’t claim u at all ….wooieee ladies di batty beast ready fi unno application

  4. him need to stop tell lie pon ppl gal pickney! Who in them right mind coulda want him a so much mad gal a walk up and dung out ya!

  5. Suh bout a month to month and a half ago a him and Nikesha then him dash weh all dem pictures deh and hav up di wife while him go foreign and now him dash her weh and put up bout single and a guh come back a Jamaica com hitch up with Nickesha!

    Mi couldn’t live dem life yah!

  6. Kmt is who this damn clown? I dont know how some woman sleep wid muchless guh married and have kids with clown like all you. Marvinnnn move yuh bloodclaat you aint shit nigga,go to school find a job or sumin.

  7. Fantasia??? Smh. Unu good eeh. Anywayssss… mi never know people can married and single at di same time. I tell yuh bout dunce fool fool “unedjumacated” ppl sah. Smh.

  8. Funny thing is this fool just document the Finalization for his 10 yr Doc denial.. Him just tell INS seh “him married but not with him wife”. Ok Marvin, you can’t lie now cause you just told them your business. dyam fool. Everything unuh ri=uhn go meck vidoe and put pon /social media, i bet you this come back to haunt you when the wife say no, and you wah fight it

  9. Him have name ah road so that’s all it take for some Jamaican fool-fool gal to run in pon him. It amazes me how so much waste man ah road can gwaan like galis and have gal a con. This man like most of the other waste man dem who live inna dance is bisexual. Gal line up to get beat up and your puzzy shyt up from Marvin the buggery.

  10. Wenever u c a man love chat so much no doubt hes a batty man. Lie this fogot telling wen him come pan tv a tell pan Fantasia fi get a hype an even if the gal give yuh some pussy she didnt let it b known which obviously means nigga she wasnt proud of fukkin ur fagot ass n wannankeepnit a secret maybe 2 even protect her rep, an then u come on national tv a call up the woman name bout u an her use 2 fuk, she shld sue ur ass for wat ur out there fukkin batty 2 get. Oh an let every1 know y u an ur wife not together lol, u an notnice fighting bcause notnice admit to ur wife that u an him bin fukkin from u came from Ja an start living in america lol dwl

  11. Bombo who Fantasia??unuh too lie seh God kno den a when dat happen?? meck mi draw fi mi chair because mi Neva even hear a whisper bout dis yah :matabelo :matabelo :salahkamar :salahkamar :hn :hn

  12. Long long time ago and him diss her in a club for a girl he met there , so she left the club that night and never looked back at him. Fantasia

  13. Him and Fantasia was together and it wasn’t in secret neither. She came to Jamaica they were always together taking pics getting very kisses kissy. It was a longtime ago shortly after she won American Idol. She won’t deny it either if she was asked even though he did diss her in NY. Ah mi cousin but mi tyaad of him now

  14. I am married and single. No application filings though. Patiently awaiting a divorce.

    Marvin reconsider the look. Very gay.

  15. People unu need fi know say a dhq nickeisha throw out him things them a run him a him yard an tell him go suck him mada in front a everybody an say she tiired a him a jealous ova everything an bare things guess they had a fight that night because a same jealous sumu deh say she tired a it suh she run him wicked that’s why he was in mobay before he leave to go bk to ny if u look u will see dhq nickeisha throw shade to say she run the mistake lol but really an truly marvi look like him love Nikki real bad anyway just letting u guy know what happen my friend told me she was there an saw everything NIKKI THROW OUT THE BWOY THINGS THEM AN TELL HIM GO A HIM YAARD AN LEAVE HAR ALONE SHE NUH WAANT HIM AGAIN AN HIM A POST LIKE A HIM LEFT THE GAL

  16. That so call cousin with the name facts lol Marvin we know thats u so stop it hun an go have many seats with ur lil bitch ass self spreading rumors on the woman fi get a hype. Ur on here like a lil mammaa man explaining urself under hidden name an acting like u some1 else dwrl lol

  17. marvin is a dog alway been always will be he’s an opportunist. he was indeed with Fantasia but she was ashamed of him it seem. they met in Margeritaville and when she use to come down they use to stay at the Ritz Carlton this was yours ago. when Marvin dance with her in Margeritaville he didn’t even know who she was its his friends that told him. theres no need to lie. Again he’s no good he an opportunist and a user. he don’t want his wife and he don’t want Nickiesha however his wife isn’t so innocent in all this. One obeah queen as Bronx, one little whore.

    beware of marvin the dog

  18. Who would want Marvin is behavior is sicken, no woman should look at him how him love disrespect woman when his antics. Why you go back and forth between farrin and yaad stay one place mi tried fi seh yuh face.

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