Beware of dis wild whore she ave nuf leaking problem all the msn dem fi look out she promise to suck u then sell u her p**y please beware she has a 1year old son she is sick with her p**y
Watch out for her
Her p**y stink and is sicking ppl
She mek mi fren a swallow some big big pill

Her p**y nave no ending it have no limit very very deep him say ,he liked her but she too stink and careless he found out late

4 thoughts on “WHY YUH FREN GUH DEH BARE ?

  1. Weh yuh mean he found out late, , after him sink it an neva find no bottom? How much time him guh and y him guh bare. He lucky a submarine alone hin swallow.

  2. How him cocky get hard and stay hard after him smell her stink pu$$y as you say senda? If he smelled it and still fu$k it raw then he gets what he deserve. Nastiness

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