So is who really own the man. Him live with his wife/baby mother and deh wid dahlia and others. Last year him go jamaica with the wife and when she lef daliah fly dung. This year a just him and daliah. The wife no really go out but him and daliah deh a every pan weh knock.


  1. Yes same thing in saying. The whole ah them seems to be living good.leave the man and his 1st and 2nd wife. They both seems happy and know about each other.

  2. No boo we dont have a time share. It just work how every woman wa a tek a married man do but because ounu so perfect and all mi nuh know if ounu know how it go.but it bad if a my life a the topic of your day fi find out who own him, well let me ans for u, him wife own him not me.one man mi own and that’s my son.

  3. Den how Dahlia reach so fast???? Mi wondering if is sikes she using to mek di wife know say she deh wid har husband. Notice how senda mek sure we know say Dahlia a get more airplay dan wifey. Dwl. Dahlia yuh slicka dan Slick Rick an badda dan Chickungunya. No man. Side chicks brave man. Wha di skettel dem say???….. Side chicks be winning. Dwlllll

  4. Ounu gal a gwan like ounu never tek a married man before or fuc another gal man while ounu have another man a jealous ounu jealous how the girl a hole har shit down and have it in check fi 10yrs and going. The girl da a work and ounu da a yard a sing pon she and her man. Smh

  5. Now Dahlia fren come confirm di ting an add a time frame to di ting. Smh. Suh a 10 yrs she an the ppl them husband a galang. A really plan unu plan dis mawnin fi fill wifey in pon a ting or 2. Anyting else oonu want to tell Wifey. No man. Oonu great. Smh

  6. Di lady seh she doe own him, an har fren seh people jealous seh ah 10 years an counting di ting ah run fah. Suh if mi bruk it dung right, di ooman nuh full time, she’s ah contractor an at times duh likkle per diem :ngakak

  7. no kim perfection bff this. the all a them just walk and tek pple man and then f with them. dalia, kim, jody, alicia, and them newly recruit nassy and others. all flex gal is a tecka and act like them a smaddy.

  8. A must dahlia and one of her careless fren do this to get recognition well if she a side chick fi 10 yrs den she ago mek old age ketch as side chick lol well watever rocks ur boats but me nah keep no man fi soo long and a roll as no side chick a she say for better or for worse lol dwl noo sah she win the side chick trophy lol me sorry me old age couldnt check me as a side chick its obvious that him not gonna live him wife fi nothing.

  9. The wife looks way better n young too that’s him nah leave her after tens years it’s apparent that she don’t have what it takes

  10. Side chick ungly & hilshaped like wah wid har bangbelly. Don’t have nothing on the wifey. All she good fah is to suck him likkle stick.gal no have no shame bout har. wifey pretty like $$$$$ & she’s not 1 a dem a party gal like the monkey dahlia.plus when the man have him party dem a wifey alone can go inna bar. Wifey don’t have nothing to prove, only the monkey always acting out of place.

  11. Dahlia camille (wifey) find ur picture a suck the man hood inna him phone u nuh have nothing bout u gal den u have the nerve fi come ova yah a talk bout u no own the man u damn rite

  12. dutty dahlia and dutty kahel is so compatible. Di two a dem ugly nuh bloodclawt!! wifey big up yuself, di two a dem nuh have nuh weh a guh, none a dem nuh have nuh class nor ambition. she a talk bout a u own di man, mek she know seh di only soul u can seh u own a yuh pretty pickney. As fi kahel, u have diamond inna yuh house an step out to rhinestone, nevva think bout how yuh wife would feel if thing like these go public, yuh juss full a shit!!!

  13. my girl d man dont waan yuh. you is jus a quick fuk and a quick bruk. you dont realize the man nuh have no ambition so him put you at the top a him list. him caan deal wid a real woman suh him bark after the dog. yuh nuh shame suck hood dahlia . some gal smell like the bottom a barrel a you dat . bark like a dog and cock up and piss ole scrawn , crutch ole dahlia. camille a class miss universe fi yuh . pretty gal you need fi guh put a scandal bag pon yuh head and write close fi reconstruction . a bayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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