Ok met this is the real mix up from weh me see the slim girl weh name kim n him a just friend as u can see just by looking on the pics everybody plus she dida talk to the other girl inna white and d girl inna the floral dress a follow her sista whorinng ways lol back to the girl inna the middle now mi a guess say she a di wife caz a she a d outta port gal weh nobody nuh know bout n a she a di one him walk in with unu might nuh see but me see yes a di two a dem cum and a she fuss him tek pic with n post Pon IG lol but no lie me wa know a wa him hav inna fi him pants so the girls dem a go crazy

0 thoughts on “CONCON PHILLY

  1. Met good morning!
    I can’t see any pics you put up since yesterday. I’m using my android phone. Any suggestions?

  2. Con look like him wah one good Bade. Most of Con victims are single mothers that are desperate for a penis. Bare lie him telll dem and doh have dry Sh**t fi gi dem. Dis lickel bwoy juss discover seh him have a weapon of mass destruction. Everything him write pon social media is about him sexual abilities and him length. smh. Mrs.Granny Taylor please come get this man of urs that u vent about and stalk every week. You no see seh Con put you pon pause cause him party was coming up.

  3. Donita, yes you Dainty sista/Kelly cousin. all you no have no ambition. is buddy you wah so meck you go pic up Con. Look how much lawyar Doctor and Teef deh a road. and you go pick up a man juss fi a cum. i can bet seh Con doh even gi you a dolla from him party. When him breed you try no come pressha wi welfare system like u sista. dyam fool. you can pay for school but you cah buy Class.

  4. Y y’all worried about how Danita living her life… Leave the little girl alone uno life just better b better than hers! Most of uno didn’t finish high school n move on to college but wanna worried about her… Dwl

  5. D girl inna the middle a NY she come from caz a nuff time me see her Pon roger babymada page dem a big fren but why she give her fren dat boy tho kmt

  6. Dear Senda,
    Next time yuh decide to send in a story, plz mi ah beg yuh PLZ use punctuation. How yuh can write ah whole paragragh & nuh come to atleast 1 full stop all now? It difficult to read when yuh ah try sneak & peak ah work.

  7. Sender you are lame Con is lame, his party was weak and lame and the place was a dump and lame!! Please spare us these wack ass stories, stop watch con penis and get a life

  8. Uno busy a watch con and him 3 wife dem. Dem living dem life wtf u doing?? D man love him 3 woman dem and dem love him. Dem nah go nuh weh so sender yuh wasting ur time. Leave the people dem and dem love triangle dem all happy. Sound like ya one ah him f**k a gal dem and yuh feel hurt. Notice dem 3 deh him fren dem always acknowledge and dem 3 deh him upload pics pon him instagram with. Dem 3 deh him deleted back the pics of. Dem 3 deh a beat uno bad. Lowe the man and him woman dem. At least the 3 gal dem have ambition all ah dem inna college or a ga school. Dem nuh wutless and inna mix up and f**kry like the bitter blood smaddy weh sen in this. Dem 3 deh nah worry and dem nah lef him so f**k off mek dem live dem life!!

  9. Den ah suh Con a whore dung Philly them it the jackpot when them start hang wid Skilly fresh out of HS!! I wonder if him off ah Ms Posh too cause they were thick as thieves at one point. Then again she act she too good fi everybody kmt

  10. A three yuh know about, there is more just not out in public. Just know that, dat cocky affi share. Sharing is caring. Fyi, all of us is a f**k a gal, Nuh a us a wife.Thanks senda for sending in this information.

  11. Who eva send in this shit clearly nuh know shit wa gwan. The slim chick ah the man main. Know how long him and har a deal me a falla all 4 a dem pon IG and the Kim girl a the one me been a see him with she nuh ga road much but when she do notice weh she deh unda him nose me nuh know why d f**k uno nuh Lowe ppl mek dem live. Weh uno deh wen him a drape up Kim outta nifiji cause man did inna har ears a look har. She need Fi gi Inn and Lowe dutty con she n nitaa too pretty Fi him. Me nuh know bout dem next two deh. Fuss me a see the one in the middle but the first one nitaa a bout 2 time me eva see dem near each odd a inna dance so if dem deh a new ting .she and Bobby still a f**k though that me sure a Fi a fact.

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