Mek mi big up di sender because dem always support di ting!

My first encounter with Willie “Hogheart” Moore was at a party in Kingston Jamaica, Dancehall really isn’t what it used to be. I remember when Beenie Man’s song “World Dance” blaring through the speakers and everyone around me attention was focused on a group dancing. When I finally made my way over to the group my attention was immediately on Willie as the others seemed to be “biggin him up” so to speak. I was fascinated with him and asked many questions of everyone that was willing to speak on him. I was told that the group was called Black Roses and that Willie was the leader for the crew. I also learned that the person right beside him dancing was Willie’s right hand man Bogle. Rumor had it that he robbed money and drugs from a friend of his niece Debbie and that the money and drugs that of a Colombian Cartel and that Willie ran back to Jamaica causing many left behind to lose their lives. It was alleged that the Colombians had a bounty on Willie’s head and that eventually that was the cause for his death in front of his store. Many revered Willie as a hero who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, his body was laid to rest in true extravagance. After Willie’s death his right hand man Bogle allegedly gained all of Willie’s enemies, men from Jungle as well as the Colombians, they tried kidnapping him as well as shots were fired after him.
Bogle quickly left for America after these attempts on his life. Willie wasn’t loved by all as I was told, he was moody and disrespected many people. His first respect as a “Badman” came after he saved the life of his friend Starky, it was told that Willie ran up on the men with a 16 and dun dem. The Black Roses Crew were known as a group of dancers but many in the area knew them as thieves that were very boasy and that would go to dances and show off the things they stole by dancing. Bloggers, peepers and guest can fill us all in further! ROSES…….Brand new dance a weh wi have a mad ( A kill di holla dem).


  1. Those were the days .big up god bless crew to..R.I.P WILL LIE, BIG BUNNY, BLACK DOUCHE ,YANKEE , ICE AND BOGGLE AND BATTY FISH ANTHONY.

  2. Mi nah lie Kawka did young and good looking once upon ah time. You can see why Camille did leff her baby father fi him

  3. Mama Lee never cute, but Kawka Lee father did name Bunny that man was a handsome man is him Kawka Lee get the good looks from, even though Willie was not my cup of tea, cause him did renk and me did stink, big up to them still and hope them soul rip

  4. big up mi Don, Black Roses Crew was man from Jungle,made up of Gangstas,1 dancer Bogle and 1 Dj Beenie Man,,really on trully PNP supporters,

  5. Well sketlebam I dont kno bout the rest but Anthony was married to Man ..Anthony use to buy clothes fi t the crew Diamond eye, pete, YANKEE, cackalee and Dave lexus that use Parr with dem.also Pete brother forget him name…

    1. Yes cause Antony used to f**k off the whole a dem weh him a buy clothes fa. Antony clothes dem cuda tight ie si

  6. Yanke did live with him big woman she is a higgler and have one bag a gal.natalie him baby mother and one next one a Canada that have a child to she and natalie always a go at it pon the bus ride dem.

    1. “HOGHEART” And soooooo, His heart was really of a Hog fi true. Man mek him Sister get killed and burn in a bath tub with running HOT WATER. Nuff Man a Jungle HOGHEART kill off. Galang.

  7. Up to this day, Willie is still the ugliest Duppy me ever see in a casket and is watch me watch the video. Who every dun him did a number on him I tell yah. Roses corner was on fire with nuff jokes and cooking back in the days.

  8. A did yankee step son best friend weh come from Canada did kill him. Kemarr which is yankee step did dead a Canada because a the same youth and end up a yaad and turn round kill yankee.

    1. Mi loss. is di same bwoy kill hoggart or him kill Yankee and di STepson? Was it a hit him did a do cause me no undastan how him was a fren a di family and dune dem soo.

  9. Yes right over Buglge big woman weh dead a wharf, Patsy she did name, fi her house them kill Yankee, the stepson carry him name to some youth over the nearby community, Yankee try warn him to leave out them company , and go and tell back the man them, as a result them come over there and kill him

  10. No is not cherry him did live with I forget her name.them did live off off molynes rd at the time of his death and parr a tree Oakes

  11. @ANon 3:48pm battyman Keymar yuh a talk? I memba when him use to always a dance to Rock My World and Yankee always a send him on stage guh dance or beg the camera man fi video him. All along mi tink him was yankee boy toy :bingung. For some reason I thought Lady Rose have a child for Yankee.

  12. Mi aunt whey use to hide and fuxk Willie use to tell wi sey Anthony a battyman and shi feel sey him and Bogle use to grine. I wonder if is tall light skin Debbie whey use to live a Brooklyn senda talking? Shi born here but use to live a Jamaica at one time.

  13. I dont kno who kill Hogarrt cause lots of name call pon that death garden man dem George pang and under cover police.

  14. So Tony welch name never did a call up pon haggart death to.if a the original general starky sender a talk bout.when dem man deh a do road me no sure if six pace did a soundenuh.a chop stick was dem man deh fire stick.

    1. Yes @Kingston, I believe sender was speaking of General Starsky as Willie par wid him in the 80’s before he went to England. As you say it was him, Welch, Pang, Starskey, Skeng Don and those men. George wanted to bring in another guy from out of the area and Willie never like it so friendship turn to enemy.

  15. Yankee did have a man Mascot red gal weh use to live in the Bronx name Dimples, every cent weh she work or hustle she send it to him, this mad gal never have no papers, can’t guh Jamaica, and claim say Yankee say she fi send her money come GI him fi save, and nuh ask if she never send it religiously. Dimples is me Sketel, is how you and the savings did work out, cause we used to laugh off a you, because your saving bank did name National hairy bank without no returns. Heh haaayyyy. So whether the bank was alive or dead, your money did destined to go down the drain. :hammer :hammer

  16. Willy use to rob nuff drug dealers in New York City. At one time a NY, a yute pull out his gun on Willie and Willie tell the yute point blank, “yuh can’t shoot me!” The yute shot him twice in his belly. Luckily, he lived. A lot of people smile up inna Willie Face, but behind his back, they hated his guts. Very erratic person and very unpredictable.
    To me, there was an uneasy Tension between Bogle and Willy Haggart. I don’t think Bodgle like Willie and vice versa. In most peoples’ mind, Bodgle was the true leader of the Black Roses Crew and brought Willie into the group. Nobody can’t tell me, Bodgle wasn’t a fish.

  17. There were three other people with Williy Haggart that day when he was killed. What ever happen to the other person that survive the assassination (was shot up too)?

  18. The other men killed were identified as 36-year-old Noel ‘Big Bunny’ Hinds of a Jacks Hill Road address and 50-year-old Albert ‘Blacka Douche’ Bonner of Cherry Gardens, St. Andrew. Another man known only as ‘Junior’ was injured in the attack. He has been admitted to hospital, police say.
    Who was Blacka Douche and Big Bunny Hinds? What was their relationship with Haggart? How come nobody ever talk about them?

    1. Blacka Douge was a Don from Jungle side near the big tank and had a raas house a Cherry Gardens, him was an elder wid whole heap a respect.
      Big Bunny mi baby lived mostly a New York and was visiting yaad and stop to check Willie when he got killed, good yute neva mixup inna nuttin as him was more uptown (except when him mixup wid Carlene dancehall queen. Big Bunny was just in di wrong place at dat time
      As fi Willie him id have more enemies dan fren so nobody (except di killers and who set it up) will kno who kill him

    2. how come is correct ,all you ever hear bout is willie and never knew there was a fourth person injured in that incident,what ever happen to the guy any way[the fourth person im talking bout]

  19. What a tossup….mi caan bada….yes..anthony was a sprat an a pirana gave him the big A an sen him home to him maker.i believe most of the roses was floating in the fish tank.

  20. Yes Anthony dead from aids.blacka Douche use to run part a Russell rd big bunny big time hustlers. Tanzian u need fi come talk bout Willie Hogart little wood cause u was one a little miss matey and always a war over him.. pete and diamond eye how is fishing in England?

  21. you know why them call him willy hoghart cause him father a work a slaugther house from him young and him father dead a theslaugther house through willy dis some man and them go kill him father a slaughter house and him mek him brother a thing him name billy dead cause billy an a boy catch up and him run him mouth say him fi dead the boy go fi gun and kill him brotherand then him a bawl and say him never tell the boy fi kill him wicked

    1. I dont think this is true…willies real father was a man name Roy weatherman..he was a friend of my father..he died and was buried in dovecott in 1989.Roy weatherman lived in england (brixton in london).during the 60s and 70s and had more children with my mothers friend “girly”..(making them willys half brothers and sisters)..willie himself frequented the jamaican community in london many times back in the day…i am quite sure toy weatherman did not die in a slaughter house as suggested..(my dad was born on septimus street in jonestown in 1930 and grew up with toy weatherman..the 2 of them use to travel to and from jamaica and england up until roy weatherman died

    2. Nah man willies dad was roy weatherman..he was my dads friend…he never diedd in a slaughter house….i believe he died in london england and they take his body back to jamaica to bury him in 1989..

  22. jungle big enuh……………jonnie run jungle top,,,Radcliff run mexico n angola ,,,phang suppose to run jones town but at 1 time did waan run run d ole place,,,haggard run Lincoln,,,it big mn ,,thnks anonymous mi always hear he died shitting on himself but I did not know that was the cause n he was a swimmer,,,nuff community deh a jungle big bad

  23. Fish rumours will always come up when talking about the God bless them. I believe that they were gay and only used women for their things. When I see the amount of gay youth that is in jamaica now, I know that they were always there – just undercover

  24. Roses man them was under cover gay, Willie did carry a tilley, and come ina less than 5 mins, we used to laugh when little Miss come down, and him claim say she a him wife, and the x amount of posing, and we done know him as the 2 minutes man, I don’t know if him know if hole good or bad, because him can’t last too long. Lol , I couldn’t stand him, very disrespectful to woman bad, and some of the idiot them boost him ego . Him is a wicked boy , rob the Columbian them for real. And cause him whole family fi dead off, and him never care. Him did think the sleeping police could a stop them from kill him, a lot of people never liked him, I was so sorry for Big Bunny and Blacka Duche when those two died, poor thing them get caught up ina Willie shit.

  25. Interesting, Oh so a long time Hoggart a cause ppl fi dead. Met mi hear seh when di cops dem did go fi Starkey in a di wee hrs a di morning, Hoggart was dere an run go under di cellar. Di cops dem know seh somebody run under deh but dem nevah know seh it was more dan 1 person under deh. Well mi hear seh him Willie push out di bwoi, and dem riddle him with bullets an a suh him Willie survived that ordeal.
    Robin Hood my ass, a tell u ’bout dem shiftless lickie lickie ppl how can u revere and admire unscrupulous and evil characters such as those ppl? No if ands nor buts it’s simply the law of attraction, he got back all that he had put out.

  26. The Roses blooms no more. Most are dead, while a few have escaped to the US, Canada and the UK. Live by the gun, die by the gun.

    1. Google trench town on Google map and it should be around there because all those areas use to be apart of trench town until politrics destroyed the area.

    2. The arnett gardens community is known as jungle.it takes in jonestown/craigtown parts of trenchtown and hannahtown..rema (federal and wilton gardens is trenchtown….if yu are entering trenchtown from collie smith drive and west rd (in front of may pen cemetry on spanish town rd)..then from 1st to 7th street is rema..from 7th to 14th street is jungle arnett gdns..on the right hand side of collie smith drive/7th street cornernis joys town basic school ..this is the border between denham town and jones town..thompson street..price street on the left is jonestown..and little king street (nxt to joys town basic school is denham town)…

    3. Furthermore might i add..that lyndhurst rd..calvary cemetry..torrirington bridge..parts of studio one bylevard..the whole.of lincoln rd..rouseau rd right up to the junction with maxfield is class as jungle…havana opposite the arett stadium..greenwich park road is included..9th st (charlie smith school is border (idlers corner)..mexico 8th streetnis border….my family have lived in jonestown since 1927..my mum was born on rodney street…i was born in london england ..i met willie haggard on numerous occasions in the london jamaican community in the 80s…his father and my father were good friends and they grew up together in jonestown and then travelled to england together in the 60s..willie along with joe dog..ringo ring “dub up alias scottie..one arm chemist…errol dunkley..ranking dread all use to come to my fathers gambling house in brixton london in the 80s…willie has half brothers and sisters living in england..they all have the same father (roy weatherman (who was my godfather).but different mother…i am not involved in any gangster activity and can honestly say that willie always treated and spoke to me with manners and respect,because of my fathers friendship with his father

  27. nuff ppl talk the things them but they not talking what happen at harnet mach with tivoli and them said the man them from tivoli must not come over there with the showw showw business and seaga was there as well and willie was there and the man them from tivoli come to the mach and start them showw showw and offend willie and willie bax down one a them and start diss up alot of ppl include seaga telling him fi go suck him mother and them things deh thats what cause him death and the rest of the black roses crew was mark for death for the dissing of seaga. and he was ugly in him casket because them turn it on pon him head when him was on the ground yes him have lot of enemy but none a them na go in a him place fi kill him the only ppl would a do that a garden man them under seaga them pretent to be police but them come fi whipe out the roses fi the diss of seaga

  28. all this is very interesting and entertaining to read so much mixup an drama and fishes that was swimming in the sea

  29. Looking at all of those old videos on YouTube it appears that they were extremely feminine Bogel especially. Whenever he danced with the woman he looked very uncomfortable in his face if you take a stock. ,and the way he dressed was extremely flamboyant and feminine and he looked like a fucking bitch.Dem niggas was gay asf. Dancing with each other for hours. Battyman ting dat.

    1. the Colombians didnt kill Willie sister..she died because she secretly recorded her man doing Oral sex on her..he found out and returned from California without telling her and murder her in a Bath Tub
      Colombians didnt want Willie to that extent OVER 300 kilos of COKE that was a lie and it has been given extra legs by that Politrickswatch Youtube Channel

  30. the Colombians didnt kill Willie sister..she died because she secretly recorded her man doing Oral sex on her..he found out and returned from California without telling her and murder her in a Bath Tub
    Colombians didnt want Willie to that extent OVER 300 kilos of COKE that was a lie and it has been given extra legs by that Politrickswatch Youtube Channel

    1. Where’s your evidence. We can’t just eat what you are saying like that. You didn’t give us a year. You didn’t tell us your possible source. I’ll run with Politricks Watch story

      1. did politricks watch give a year or anything ?or was he just gossiping throughout the video ..go talk to ppl who were close to him or the family back in the early 90s

    1. fake story made popular by a youtube video..it was his sisters man who murdered her neck tie way over a sex tape

        1. When I was a kid I believe I heard he died months later in the same year (2001). But I was younger than 10 at the time but if memory serves me right that’s what the adult said.

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