Hide my id pink wall! Yesterday at the palza as assasin and Nicole drive up a youth weh wipe car glass walk up to him and beg him etc, Assasin Reply “was how you know it’s me” the youth say me follow your wife and Instagram and know the new car you buy with yuh license plate etc. him say to assasin mi know how yuh house rounda diamond road a stony hill look mi know when yuh wife a call yuh and na get yuh, mi know when yuh kids get pick from school, mi know wha colors sheet inna yuh bed, mi know when she do something and apologize to you, we know when yuh inna bad mood etc. mi say people when the wind screen wiper a tell assasin them something here yesterday inna the plaza mi shock. Smh she post the whole of her life on social media we living ina serious times a Jamaica and no one is exclude from getting rob etc Uno weh idolize her and thing need to talk to her.


  1. :hoax2 Anytime ppl can’t spell for shyt it ALWAYS takes away from the credibility of Dem Story!!Plus sender is alluding to Nicole posting the new car when the fact is she hasn’t n this is just one of several lies you’ve been caught in sender.

    U expect us to believe yuh story when u can’t get basic grammar right!!??

    On NOT and*
    What’s a palza?u obviously weren’t at a plaza*.
    It all allegedly happened in the past so know yuh friggin past tense…drove not drive* ..walked not walk* :cd
    What ColorS sheet!!?wtf!!?is one sheet of many colors Dem have like Joseph coat of many colors!!?Know yuh Singular and plural usages nuh Mon ,good grief sender!!

    Most importantly where were u positioned to overhear all the intimate details of this convo that happened at a car window in a car park!!?You were 10ft away,u really expect pinkwall ppl to believe u really heard all that fart!!?

    Certain warning n well intentioned messages no matter how good will always get rejected if the Messenger is a yam head badmind dunce AF duppybat..ijs :malu2
    Fed up of Unno shyt ,enuff now Mon it’s now obvious Unno reaching n far too,so lef di bloodfire lady cuz she not harming a soul with her supposed nuffness n love for HER HUSBAND and KIDS!!

  2. I don’t believe this story. Nicole nuff and love spotlight, but when yuh a talk bout time kids get pick up and color sheet pon bed, take several seats. Not a damn windshield wiper bwoy seh dis. What is a “palza”? When him inna bad mood him call and complain to you? Unu a guh too hard wid the story dem. Unu read back weh di sender seh. This sound too close to home. A which mate dis????

  3. Sender, you have a serious obsession with Nicole. You need help. Success is for everybody. Maybe you should go to one her of classes to find ways you might be able to achieve yours? Pretty sure there is a Vision Board seminar coming up. You can stand to get some vision for your life. You are sad and pathetic. Shameful.

  4. Yardie regardless of how the sender spell Nicole is overbearing about her family life and things so spelling or not the fact is she need to chill

  5. And how did you hear all of this? I guess you were right there huh?

    Again, she goes overboard sometimes, but this constant bashing her is a next level of obsession.

  6. Yardytekdrugs just out of curiosity roughly how much you make in ja/us currency because all that education you try to portray better be pulling you in some big bucks

    1. Tek weed* not drugs mi favorite anon fan, but I guess it’s ur way of making me know it’s you,so Kool ,the tradition continues.Imma keep at the grammar policing and you keep at watching my humble pockets zeen.

      Hey u can testify that my formula of mekking unno deflect from the subject at hand n cuss me is still up n running in 2019.Bless up mi anon fren inna mi head.

    2. Nuh true!!! Don’t know the individual and can’t stand him/her. So yardie answer up nuh, you’re usually the first to comment.

      1. The expression”Nuh true” ought to be followed by question mark (seet ya ???) N NOT exclamation marks.Then let me ask u THIS with a Straight Face…since yuh claim yuh can’t stand me,why don’t you go have several seats??If yuh a guh siddung pon mi name yuh might as well get comfy cuz I’m pretty much gonna be commenting first for a good lil while pon pinkwall! :selamat :cystg :alay :nerd

  7. Yardie come mek mi shake yuh hand. From mi a read it, mi know a lie di senda a tell. Senda yuh need fi repent pon da one yah. A you a seh all a dis…di windshield wiper neva seh nutten!

  8. This is not true. I follow her on insta. She has never posted a pic revealing a license plate. This woman is way more intelligent than that. I know nothing about her except what i see on insta. She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent, ambitious, obviously well educated and driven. Sasco seems happy in his marriage.
    Real Talk 😡

  9. Dem post di plate? Dat nuh good, neva post di plate nuh even post di name a di car. Miss yuh life deh pan di media suh fi yuh shit naaa tap drop yasso instead a di tielit. Always send een dem business caah mi waah know nuh lef nuttin. All if a mek up story it full a points an a real ting wus how di wurl suh extra crazy now.

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