13 thoughts on “WOE

  1. I just saw that pic too and said to myself wonder what she does behind closed doors……@MET Malia Obama on video smoking weed…

  2. Mi nuh shock because as u look inna ar face u can jus tell …and she be a pro cause a Di roach shi smoke …….but hey to each is own

  3. She just teck a quick puff lol dat lickle dutty gal a shop round the video fi har 15 minutes a fame an they were friends damn shame…Dem a all an pull dat bitch on her IG page she private it up.

  4. Yuh know say Mi nuh see nothing wrong cause ppl spread out blanket an mek dem baby roll round all di while especially when dem stawt roll… Di only ting is dat look like a public ground an it dutty so I wouldn’t put him/her there but…. floor neva do a ting to baby b4.

  5. And send a go report yuh pussy tuh Yuh man hood mek him give wah pickney fi go report… A wah do ppl di blanket did thin yes an a dutty airport but floor neva kill no pickney yet. Get di ooman inna trouble now fi something so innocent Yuh can tell even at home she do that.

    1. Latty this picture is all over the web. Obviously it went viral for a reason. I saw it first on IG. Mi nuh get why yuh a gwan so wid the sender. Nothing nuh wrong with a nice clean floor but this is a naked baby on the dirty floor in a transit terminal… My baby likkle ova 2 and him nuh get all him shots yet so you can’t be too careful what they pick up. This mother is not 100% trust me.

  6. Me Neva ear say pikney drop offa grunge yet. Lowe di ooman onnu jebel onnu. Since onnu waa fine fault buy di packnplay and den walk back a har so di baby can be safe. Effing devils. Onnu did hear say jesus Ave car seat and crib and stroller. Gwey man. Long as the child is in direct contact with the floor and isn’t in eminent danger all is well.

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