African Comedian Kanasiimi Anne gets a phone call while in bed with her husband. He then gets suspicious when Kansiimi says ”me too”. Watch how she twists it back on him

0 thoughts on “WOMAN A DI BOSS

      1. She is hilarious!!…im lucky she neva git up guh tek di call inna the next room or outside *like some men would have done*….uuhmmmm, deodorant on a nite stand? :bingung

  1. Me to….. dwl .. a suh weh night me ex call me after 2, me ansa and a chat f**kery. 2 night later di man in a di living room lef di phone pon di night stand and call himself fr di house phone and a run come fi it. U know say me fly up like Bruce lee and ready fi war. U waa hear him a say di same thing me tell me ex di night. Me start cuss and wane bad all a grab phone. When him show me then go back to my call di night me just shut up and crawl in s di bed.

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