A New Jersey woman was repeatedly beaten by another woman as her toddler son watched in horror.
On Tuesday June 25th, bystanders sat back, watched and even recorded the attack instead of jumping in to stop it.
A video of the beating was posted on Facebook before it was reported and taken down.
The graphic video shows the 2-year-old boy trying to protect his mother from being kicked while the attacker threatens to shoot her.
The fight started after the woman accused the victim of spreading rumors about her and her manager at McDonald’s.
The victim was left with limited vision in her left eye, a broken nose and many cuts and bruises.
LaTia Harris
Police have issued a warrant for 25-year-old LaTia Harris of Salem.
Right now Harris is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, but once she is caught she could face other charges.
So far none of the witnesses who stood by and watched the attack are facing any charges.


  1. Lawks blind the poor women off. And she has a toddler too so she must be struggling to take care of her toddler with injuries. In a good way,glad there is video evidence so that the other woman can be prosecuted.

  2. Har big man royal raass a go jail now Doh
    Damn germs and spit pon di oooman too :marah
    If she feel di woman do something fi threaten har job as she say tek it to the law a dat tax payer $$ pay dem fi do
    Duppy know who fi frighten kah di white oooman look likkle and frail
    Bet she wouldn’t run up on me like dat …. Sheeeetttt beat dat bitch like she stole something from me

  3. She come out fighting in her mcdonald’s uniform claiming the woman threaten her job, she wont have a job now because of her stupidity.

  4. Hood rats at it again. These so-call females are a danger to both males and females. Now if a family member of the victim corner her and pump a couple of hollow points into her, we will hear all the outcry. Now this miscreant is looking at some long jail time due to her aggressive posture and inability to control her anger.

  5. As if the assault wasn’t bad enough, she threaten fe beat up the pickney tuh 😡 …I ain’t got no tolerance fa these nasty ni99ers..waste of time and space

  6. So according to the link posted here by Anonymous, the attacker is Muslim. She is already living in darkness, now she going be in hell when it’s all said in done. She had no regard fi di likkle pickney. She traumatized this poor baby for life. Now the child will have fear of anyone that comes near his mom. Psychological effects will linger down the road in this child life as a result. Black people need to do a better job raising dem yute so dem doh tun out like she (the attacker). We must set better examples.

  7. little man was trying to protect his mother, too bad he wasn’t a little bigger. him buss a good a good amount a kick pon har

  8. her ignorant hood booger ass should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child as well

  9. If me haffi fight smaddy suh fi McDonalds wuck den mi life rass dead and ova fah. Shi juss caan guh apply to Burger King or Sonic..kmt. I hope shi get the exact beaten in prison wah shi dole out to dis woman.. ole wicked!

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