ST ANN, Jamaica —The Ocho Rios police say they have made a breakthrough in the murder of 63-year-old Nathlee Hamilton, who was stabbed and killed in her home in Beecher Town, St Ann on November 11.

Charged with murder, burglary and abduction is 25-year-old Dianna Pinnock of Epworth, also in the parish.

“After a series of extensive interviews and we have questioned a number of suspects, last night on the 18th of November 2013, we have formally laid charges on Dianna Pinnock,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Throyville Haughton, head of the Ocho Rios police revealed.

He said investigations are still ongoing and people are still being questioned in relation to the matter.

“We are pretty sure that other persons will be charged in the matter,” ASP Haughton said.

“We will have closure to the matter sooner than later,” he added.

Police say the woman arrested in the murder and kidnapping was charged earlier this year in relation to the kindapping of a one-week-old baby in St Mary.

The Ocho Rios police met with Hamilton’s family on Tuesday morning, providing them with an update on the progress of the investigation.

Hamilton, a retired post mistress, was reportedly stabbed to death on Monday night, November 11 at her home in Beecher Town, St Ann and her six-week-old grandson abducted.

The baby was reportedly found alive at about 11:30 pm on Wednesday night, November 13 in a bag near a bar in the Bonham Spring community, near Exchange, Ocho Rios. He was taken to the hospital.


  1. Wtf? Who is she in relation to the affected family and the family with the previously kidnapped baby? These reporters create more questions than answers to rhatid..

    1. Same thought here…Then them say she connected to a similar kidnapping earlier in the year.

      Question unanswered: WHAT DE RASS SHE A DO PON ROAD FI DO DIS AGAIN?

  2. Murdering a 63 year old woman, kidnapping a new born…she or whoever did this God have a special VIP area for wicked like them. Father God is near, the news weh mi ah hear lately soon like the End of times in Revelation!

  3. Thanks for the info met it’s sister INLAW the family of doctor Frances tears tears . She used to work at the Ocho rios post office tears tears how such a quiet humble woman get a horrible death my son is soo broken heart about her death 🙁

  4. She has an insane daughter name shabby that’s not right in the head ” it’s the daughter baby a lot more to the story . Met soon drop the information she’s always on point this wos a decent woman of the community of Ocho rios the daughter attract the destruction upon her mother 🙁

  5. Shabba is Doctor Francis sister the baby is hers. The mother is a hardworking decent woman and if you know dem people de who ever do it going up shit creek and lucky if dem make it to trial.

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