A woman is accused of robbing three men at gunpoint on July 10,2014. Police say Ashlee Williams 25 of Dayton Ohio had a gun hidden in her bra at Club Masque. The police recovered three phones belonging to the victims in Ashlee’s car


          1. Thick n big whey di woman deh mi did haffi put down mi fork n get up n laff ya man. So let’s see again whey DI WOMAN DEH a wha really a gwaan inna God world tho???? Lmaooooooooooooo

          2. what a ting a gwaan ina massa God land fi true…di woman was in her bra chuet :ngakak

      1. Metty, seriously!!!! :nerd …where is the humane???????…yuh play tuh much man :hammer :hammer :hammer

          1. Dem deh kinda butch yuh not even fe badda try fight..jus search fe piece ah construction iron pipe or metal trashcan and go upside her damn head…

      2. Hope this dummy didn’t try to get away on foot when she coulda used dem big damn bat wing ears to fly away…hey y’all, quick question :nerd …am I cross eyed or is she cross eyed??

        1. Waeiii, @ dem big bat wing ears to fly away..if a laff one more time inyah dem haffi carry mi guh ER..he he ehh hey mi ma tommie ohhhh.

        2. No is not u cross yei, har neck suh big di muscle dem a pull pan har yei socket suh dem slowly pulling dem togadah..po ting it mussi deh pull pan and badah har brain too..

  1. Now look pon dat Ooman a rob people phone. She suh fool fool fi tief phone wid gun? Yu waan tell mi seh tief a farrin nuh know seh any phone weh yu tief can be tracked to within 10 feet with the built in GPS, wedda di phone on or off? Now yu use gun di charges tunn up.
    Sed way di battyman dem a new kingston a tief phone anna kill an stab up people fi dem phone. The Jamaican government is 100% responsible for those deaths and should be held accountable.
    NOW BACK TO DI TURBIT UPPA TOP….if a man fiss har inna har man face she bawl seh she a woman, but she waa look like man fi robbery and pumpum….cho bumboclaat.

    1. willie that is what amazes me…dem pose as a man act as man and when a man give it to dem den dem tun instant ooman and dem nuh fi lick dem and shit

      1. Like the bitches in the mcdonalds whey jump up fi beat di man behind the counter n when him give dem ass dem tun poor ting too outta orda man

      2. It is so funny that you mention “give to them”. I was friendly with a butch Jamaican woman who was living with a white female. Dress and act like a man and constantly talking about cutting off my thing (jokingly). Do you realize she was still attracted to men, secretly. I can confirm 😀

        1. Yes they are and like how di gay man dem carry p—y envy dem carry cocky envy tuh…some a dem gwaan like dem nuh want penetration but a whole heap a butch u will see wid belly out a di blue and dildo cyah breed dem

        2. Anon, and what part of that soliloquy did you find amusing ma’am?…yuh know seh mi have ah sneaking suspicion seh ah you…

          1. See what happens when yuh not wearing yuh hi glasses and end up ah type bare shitt?!..hush ya Anon..

  2. Mi show mi hubby and im seh a lie…dah deh a nuh no woman, im deh yah a swear seh is di wrng pic u put up Met suh mi still a wait…mi a look and deh look and still can’t see not even one inch a femininity in deh..no sah unu wrang Met man..

      1. Maybe she was a former NFL player or was a champion weight lifter/body builder…his..I mean her neck is bigger than her really dumb assss looking face…

  3. There is not a single thing that is femine about that picture. I was fooled like most.
    Black men will be put on the endangered species list in 10-years, judging by the amount a black dykes I see in my City. You cannot walk the streets or go in any public place and not run into them in the thousands. Where the hell they came from in such a short period of time? There must be a lot of undercover feminine lesbians around. I think I’m going to open a black male sperm bank/fertility clinic in anticipation of the severe shortage of black men. I will be rich off this venture….seriously.

    1. Anon funny u say that just the other day I was having a talk wit my friend about the same damn thing black men will very soon be extinct they are imprison n feminized to no ends n so black women are now left to fit in for them again the little girls have stop stop wearing bra n started wearing underpants smh I cringe just thinking about it smh

  4. Met, mi grab up one weh night anna when mi bout fi cross di T an dot di eye mi affi hol strain an release di it! Can imagine mi guh mek news fi beat up Ooman…cho Bumbo. Mi cyaa tek dem wid dem big talk enuh.

    1. Willie a so dem love gwaan wid a bag a big talk. Mi know one whey act like a man and when she move to some bwaay n dem show har what a real man can do di next time mi hear say she try di same ting and a next set a man rush har but she run di next time..Dem a nuh man but waa prove pan man

      1. I hear say when she get di fus beating di bwaay dem neva know she a woman is har res a butch fren dem start talk bout she a woman and well go report it..dem cannot mek up dem mind man..Willie u shudda punch dah one deh one tump ina har face

          1. chuet dem love step to man dem nuh fi dweet man.. bad to bad di gay man dem dont step to man so why should they?

    1. afta dem nuh think dem a woman so whey u a KNOWINGLY sorry fi dem fah???????? dem doe want to be called women so deal wid dem accordingly

  5. wtf is thatam I looking at????? I blame part of this madness on Obama n da rest of them democrats pushing this gay agenda and just like followers black ppl follow like some mindless idiots and as for black men being in jail n feminized in masses part of that is no father in the home only a man can teach show a man how to b a man. fathers please stay present n active in your son’s life n single mothers stop thinking that u can raise a man byyourself if the ffather wants a part in ur son life don’t block it

  6. Can you imagine if you meet har a club and shi come home teck off har wig, jewellery, and makeup and a dis a man meet up pon. When mi see di pic at first mi did tink a Tristan Wilds, har madda mussi did a dead fi have a boy pickney when she was preggo.

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