Dear Met, Metters and Peepers,

I saw a incident yesterday that so deeply impacted me that I am making a impassioned plea to women everywhere. I’m kindly requesting women cease and desist from tearing down each other. I was going to a restaurant when I saw this lady taking pictures of this man and another lady crossing the street together. She caught my attention because she was exclaiming and carrying on about how much of a piece of mix up this is whoa!

Upon crossing the street,we saw the man take out his wallet and handed money to someone. Being the wall was blocking,the assumption was he was giving the cash to the lady who crossed with him.Met then yuh know that’s all it took for the mix up lady to go on her cell to dash out the people’s business. She started telling a Janet person how she saw *Rika’s husband with his browning and a one big coil him pop off give she.Look how hard Rika a work to put on the 3 bedrooms and the dutty man a squander her money. She then mentioned how she has pics and will make someone leak it pon Rika’s Facebook so she can leave the dutty bwoi.

Met the mix up lady was only focused on classing up Rika about tar baby rika need to go bleach to compete;but a mind told me to go and look on the couple. I was shocked to see that it was a Madman who was given the money. Furthermore Rika’s husband was on the left side of the road and the browning on the right. He went up and she turned down the road, they apparently did not even know each other! Now this lady a guh tear down another woman on false and malicious grounds.

What is wrong with women nowadays? Women always have rivalry among them but does it need to descend into the tearing dung of each other? Why do some women have to dim other’s light so we can see their lights shine?Whatever happened to the Woman to Woman concept and livity?


  1. One of my favorite person :peluk MORNING.

    That she devil never wanted to see Rika strive.It seems like this person make it a habit of carrying malicious “news”. Would be nice to hear that “tar baby” buss her ass. Ironically, tar baby did champion over brier rabbit :ngakak

  2. Him cell phone will give up the person who sent the shooter or the shooter.

    Hope you phuckers get the electric chair.

  3. Dah girl deh a wait fi Rika husband fck up, she nuh wah see Rika happy, worse she have her 3 bedroom weh har money tek biuld up. Badmind a kill har.

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