1. U yeye rass good gyal, cause I looked enna di background how much time and neba see a soul till mi read u comment…lol
      Mebbie dat was di cleanest location fi teck di picha.

  1. That old lesbian wey just left are gal a prison . Helen look ever gal wey she think she can suck but me naw look pon she one big lesbiN are house LwY duttyyyyyyyyy Nastyyyyyyyy are house want clean she nasty the sista nasty mom nasty Pickney nastyyyyyyyyy one house a fat people met everyone in that house weight 400 an up Nast f**kerrrrrrrr them roach an rat a kill them roach crawl in a food an Helen eat it

  2. She need fi clean her damn house house before she post picture of her fat gorilla @$$!! Her body look like her house.. #stanktarass!!

  3. damn so much hate towards her…girl you look good mi nuh agree with your lifestyle (if its true) but you seem pleasant. everytime I see you, U always smile & look good..never a screw up your face like some of them other ass wipe socalled dancehall devilebrity. Keep your head up & no I’m not into women or a personal fren of hers.

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