We are fearful, say Kartel’s family

Monday, April 14, 2014
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We are fearful, say Kartel’s family
THE family of incarcerated entertainer Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer say they are now in fear for their lives following yesterday’s revelation by the police that the convicted deejay gave the cops the whereabouts of several St Catherine wanted men and additional information that led to the recovery of 17 illegal firearms.
According to a police source, the information provided by Kartel before he was arrested was an attempt to ensure his freedom or to obtain a reduced sentence.
It was also revealed in the story that the entertainer was an influential member of the much-feared Spanish Town gang, Klansman, and that the gang carried out murders for the artiste.
However, yesterday, Kartel’s family said they were very upset at the report, saying the information was news to them and that it had put their lives in danger.
“This is endangering the lives of Adidja Palmer’s family, his siblings, and his girlfriend, when a news like this come on the radio and we don’t know if it is credible, we don’t know the source… and they don’t think about how it is affecting our lives,” said Palmer’s eldest sister, Maureen Nelson.
“Right now I am in fear of my life, ‘Shorty’ (Kartel’s children’s mom) is in fear of her life, the children and all of my brothers and sisters,” she added.
“Everybody is now crying. We thought that when he got sentenced to life in prison it would be over. But that is not the end, it is the beginning,” Nelson said.
She said their fear was justified, given the “informer culture” that exists in the country.
Nelson said they were not sure about how the public had taken the news, but that the family was concerned that their relative would be branded an informer.
“We are locked up in the house right now. We have fears of reprisals and I don’t even know how John public will react to us,” she said.
Kartel’s mother, Teresa Palmer, expressed anger at the police and Police Commissioner Owen Ellington for stating last week that her son was the leader of a gang that was responsible for more than 100 murders.
“When him a go come and a seh how much people Kartel kill and that never come out in the trial, him not doing him job,” she said.
“Why now when dem done tell lie seh him kill man and dem no find no body and police tamper with the evidence and give him life sentence dem a go seh all these things?” Palmer asked. “Why are all these things coming out now?”
“Why it never come out inna the trial?” she further asked.
Nelson said the media needed to be mindful of what it reports and whether or not the information is credible and how it will affect the family.
Vybz Kartel, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were convicted on April 3 for the August 16, 2011 beating death of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams over the disappearance of two illegal guns. Accused Shane Williams was acquitted at the end of the five-month-long trial before Justice Lennox Campbell.


  1. You know I don’t feel no sympathy for them bout fear, them fe kill the whole r@@@ss a dem!!!!, a dis same mummah talk say how them fe give har pickney 35 years and him nevah kill nobody they had no remorse to clive family at all, everything was about her son and the sister was her brother.

    1. Foxy is lie dem telling di amount a trouble whey a gwaan behind the scenes a fraid dem fraid police ketch up pan dem right now .Him madda mussy love di observer she always a chat to dem :travel

      1. When credible threats were made against the family of Lizard, at no time during her media appearances did she ever condemn those actions. So now when the situation is reversed, why does she assume anyone cares? Many mothers were left mourning as a result of her brother and children left fatherless. So a man sew, so shall he reap. Fi dem life is of no more value than Lizard’s family.

        1. but foxy, all now nobody no threaten dem, a notice dem a luk.

          dem coulda mek di newspaper story gwaan bout it business, but no, dem luv di spotlight so dem did affi nuff up demself.

  2. Yuh did haunted now yuh get wanted, yuh think mi response fi yuh and nuh lawyer business, mama cum check mi regular! That’s the words of Kartel Adijah Palmer, aka the informer Mr. Palmer, Maureen yuh nuh stop chat yet, yuh nuh hear fi kibba u mouth, a Lisa u mumma should a call u, not Maureen, as to the mother, continue talk bout police tamper wid evidence and nuh body never find, gwaan talk maybe a only that mek u sleep a night time. Back to you now Maureen, think you for once stop to think, that this was the same way your brother had put fear in the life of other people, the same knife that stick the goat end up stab the sheep, it just a case of reaches me, reaches you, and you are so right, It has only just began.

    1. Stop unuh fukery the all a unuh when since unuh gain law degrees??? All a unuh a judge the man an him family an Unuh same one did a sing all a the man song dem fi the past how many years!! Stop believe everyting unuh hear unuh parent Neva tell unuh seh only believe wah yuh own eyes see?? Pure hypocrite a cuss the man a him family wen this nuh have nutten fi do wid unuh!! Mi blame smart phones an internet casue some a unuh did fi stay inna the dark era nuh phone nuh internet cause unuh chat too much!!

  3. Madreen is fearful for her life?????????????????? Her brother is an upstanding citizen..where would he know gun man and criminals from??????? Mi jus nuh have a good picture a him wid Kartel mada …mi always see are inna mi head wid a ……………….anyway so why di police nuffi seh nutten bout dis…But we fi accept seh lizard a killa ?? Weh this family come from …..weh dem really really a deal wid ……and weh di good good key master daddy deh…?? di owna fi di grill never have I heard a male in this family speak on behalf of kartel………………..

  4. Jeremy Taylor asked his sister if she knew him outside of the family settings and what was her response??? That family should suffer the same, if not more, anguish and pain that these marauding criminals have caused.

  5. Mrs Evil muuma n mrs evil sista go listen the tape a same so mr evil did a plan fi send him priest dem go dash whey somebody mother question is how much other mothers sisters n family get dash whey that we don’t know of????? Unnu betta move outta JA right now Mars sound like the perfect place fi unnu n Shawty is a born Martian so she can apply fi unnu residency/citizenship UNNU GWANNNNNNN MAINNEEE WICKED LOT

    1. Wap wap wap!!!!! Met please put Chuety inna di nawty cawna an draw fi di strap

      Whey yuh sey chute? Shawtie can file fi dem????!!!
      __________________________________________________________ medic to rawse

      1. Foxy bless up When it come to Shawty mi a demand a birth certificate seerus seerus cause she look alien to me

  6. Real is the same thing mi a pree, all now Kartel father don’t utter a word, this is telling me something, the father knows the son is sinister and evil, therefore is not participating in the shenenigans of the rumbling mouth daughter and the foolish wife that upholds with the wrongs of her child because he provides her bread and butter with the bacon.

  7. imagine if we lived in the bible days, the whole family would of get stone to death just to rid the land of sin. It’s been a very long time everyone said he was responsible for many deaths in portmore, if this is true, karma is in the works………….i feel is going to be a mighty gun battle before everything is cleansed from the portmore community

  8. I know how u guys here feel about Kartel, however I dont think that story printed yesterday is the truth, once the judge has handed down punishment u cannot make a deal for a lesser punishment, so it would not be beneficial for him to go informing at this present time…especially during the appeal process…dont make sense

    1. If I’m not mistaken, he plead bargaining started even before he was arrested/found guilty. I don’t know about Jamaican laws, but in the USA, you can have your sentence reduced after the fact if prosecution believes that you help them convict others. Could be the same in Jamaica also.

      1. Unheard of, unless in an amendment. In America once a sentence is handed down by a JUDGE you have to petition to get back into court to review sentence or make any changes. The Prosecution holds no power in rebargaining or offering a plea…..after the fact. Some of the things said about America, Americans and it’s justice system is somewhat far fetched #betterasksomebody

  9. its crazy how all of u guys were fans of this musican and now all of u guys are turning on him typical jamaican culture i thank god everyday that i was born in the usa and not there a bunch of two faced people i swear

    1. Which country is more two dates than the great ole U.S of A!!!! Girl bye!!! Being a fan of this fool does not mean you condone f**kery and wrong doing… you have it wrong just like he did. I’m glad you were born there too, that way you can go learn YOUR U.S history…

    2. Aaaahhmmm…. Miss/Mr America, pleased to meet you. I have a question that has been weighing on my proudly-born-Jamaican mind. Perhaps you can help me? When you go to school in Merica, dem teach you about things like full stop (period), comma, capital letter, and so forth? Mi juss curious cause mi nuh know foreign… Thanks, in advance, for the feedback.

    3. In Jamaica wi nuh support f***kery, right is right and wrong is bumboclaat wrong. Yea yuh haffi thank god seh yuh born in America yes cuz thats the country where they let child killers, rapist, murderers etc walk free & wi two face but u all up inna wi business tho

    4. suh because we were fans dat mean we must put up f**kery… if u don’t kno jamaican ppl let me educate u… we will support u for a good cause bu once u keep up wid f**kery we will turn o n u to let u kno wat u did is f**kery… s go on and GTFOH… BYE MISS NO BIGGER HYPOCRITE THAN THE USA

        1. dem tink ppl a idiot man and must put up wid foolishness… me never see nutten like dis yet… a shudda life twith possibility of parole after 100 years at very hard labur him get…. brite

    5. Hey gal/boy America when u busy a collect welfare/section 8 n food stamp n as the new Nike drap u a di fuss one inna di line fi cop it so a who a di two face one kmft ????????? A wonda if a one a di fuxx n strip fi free twin pornstar dis cause a dem alone mi know love bawl out bout bawn a US eno FOH outta here

  10. An appeal cannot be done until all the recordings are released. The Goon has many more charges that will be filed against him. He is releasing SOME information to help lesson charges and conviction. He is a bloody fool. He thought that he was above the law. The BS image he portrayed has come back to screw him (pun intended) this is just the beginning it ain’t over!!!

  11. Who wishes death on ppl family wtf .. Just as bad as KARTEL @ the first comment ..
    A mother is only going to defend her child whether dem wrong or right .. Ppl just different !

    1. Youre wrong right there a real mother DOES NOT DEFEND THEIR CHILD WHEN THEY DO WRONG..protect yes but not defend

          1. Dem act like a lizard beg kartel fi kill him or a lizard kill himself because dem a cuss di dead man and the killer is alive and well

        1. obeah nuff ina barrel and bakkle because I refuse to think his supporters are thinking normal..a mus some ila luu dash pan dem

          1. Not ah ile@met, ole time people sey birds of a feather….same minds think alike him supporters and him have de same heart, wicked de whole ah dem!, empathy is an inate emotion, is not something yuh can summon, just like cruelty, no excuse for them de whole ah dem an him ah de same!!!!

          2. So dem dead inside just like him den? When di man deh pan di voice note him dont even raise him voice a bumbonawt real evil

    2. As you stated “ppl jus different!” as you are. Thanks for the clarification Met because there is an enormous difference. Had his mother TRY to process the fact that her Don gas done something dreadfully wrong and chooses to stand by him to show her unconditional love then opinions and views would be different.

      1. But I dont get people though…How can I defend my child that has killed your child what words could there possibly be? Mi se it from dem start run and chat chat se dem is better dem shut up and leave the media alone because all dem a do is show people why her son is the way he is..Why dem nuh talk how dem all start threaten Chow aunty? :travel

      2. @Met, a person has got to have some similarities with hitler to agree with how her treated the Jews, or with Jeffery Dahmer withe killings that he did, not just understanding these animal psychologically but actually defending them and their crimes! He has been convicted, and we all have heard his voice on the voice notes and then some and STILL people stil ah defend him, cuss ppl feem, threaten fi him, and ready fi kill and Maime fi him, they are all the same!! Him nuh dead inside, him have feelings, but those feelings are for Himself Only! F**ked up mentality, his EGO land him whey him dey, bout intelligent and educated!!! I scoff!!

          1. A which dictionary??? But a dem alone him can fool cause any word with more than 2 syllables a big word fi dem man kmt real waste dem

    3. Sorry FP but i have a son and any day he decides to keep up the f**kery i am taking him to the police myself

  12. Unu noh seems to be reading before commenting..blogger uptop go read the observer kartel chat when he realise the game was up and they got all the evidence ,you stated it wS after conviction it wasent after it was before …yuh noh hear him say from dem a do crime dem never see so much forensic? Yes jamaica has change de dutty killing of witnessess and intimidation are dissapearing

  13. Mi seh!!! Dem nuh stawt fraiding yet….. Bunch ah wicked dem
    Now the shoe is on the other foot……. How do you like that gaza family?????

    Mi sey di way mi cross mi duss waa si Maureen an fite har… Cho

    Morning one and all

  14. I hope dem search kartel t timez a day anmekhimbend ova cause himboss tezha miller did hide phone in him bottom ..yes dem fe strip search kartel is nuff hit him send out while been locked up hope jcf dont loose momentom causen seh……there should be a petition to mek sure him been searched an all cell and individual on his cell block no cell phones kartel must not got access to

  15. Now , Maureen Nelson, Shawty, Kartel Mumma and unfortunately the children and grandchildren will now know the meaning of “schadenfreude” and “irony.”

  16. I’m not a fan of kartel and he deserves everything that is coming to him, but this should’ve never been publish. The only message this is sending is that Jamaican justice system and media house cannot be trusted. Hence, no one will come forward with information about any crime they witness or know of, because of things like this. Yes, kartel needs to be punished to the extent, but what will be the long term effect of this article. Being published?……….just my opinion on it.

    1. Hey how u doing? The media is the media and not anyone’s friend. They are to publish articles from both sides of the fence, that is their job. I dont think what the mother was telling them was a secret, she knew it would be published. What she tried to do is to attack the commissioner in her own way because she thinks that he shouldnt have aired her son out, but the commissioner was well within his right, seeing all the things that had taken place when the trial was going on. The long term effect will be for them to back down from all the things that they have been doing because the police are not nor have they decided to retreat

      1. Police and media houses do not offer protection to mob bosses. When fighting organized crime, the sole goal is to get the head of the organization in an effort to dismantle the organization. Foot soldiers take orders, they want the big fish. As such, they will release his folly in a strategic move to show that he is a coward, a snitch and disloyal. It’s generally effective.
        Second, given that he is purporting his innocence and has waged a war on vilifying the state, it’s also in their interest to release this information.
        Anyone with any sense will see the level of protection and the shroud of secrecy with which Lamar was afforded and that in itself is admirable.
        There are so many lessons to be learned from this saga, one of which is, the very idiot you’re taking orders from and protecting is the first one that will sell your ass out in the heat.
        Very strategic move. Well done JCF.

          1. Understand exactly what you guys are saying and you guys are so right. I was looking at it from a different angle, which has nothing to do with kartel. Because him and his family deserve every ounce of torment they’re getting for what they did to lizard and his family.

        1. foxy you have explained this so well, i couldn’t have said it any better.

          U also explained it in a way that even idiots can understand, but i wonder if they will.

    1. A dat me wudda waa see because the JCF was pretty low key after the trial and dem tek over di airway…she said she hope dem have dem utopia now so why dem fearful? Even after he was found guilty they still thought they won something :travel

      1. but met weh reprisal mean??? nuh wen u kill sumadi or injure somadi ?? so dem fraid becaw di bwoy kill ppl a dem a sen threat pon All Shorty……….a wah day mi a wanda if true shawty live a Norbrook shi feel safe…becaw ppl wanted dem

          1. a wander a who tell MAUREEN SE shorty fraid..???…………cause I know it cant be shorty …………….cause we all know their is no communication there …..Just get ova it…AND SPRINKLE THE DAMN GATE

  17. Every time mi think how Lamar and his family was in fear mi get emotional….. so kartel mumma an him sista fi go sidung and deal wid karma, a di duppy dem weh kartel mek a haunt dem, dem too lie nobody naaw threaten dem ole set a evil

  18. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

    thats why dem always seh enuh wen yah dig hole dig two,him busy did a kip up phuckery nd neva once tink about who it may affect in de end,mi jus a tan nd watch cuz there is more to cum..more while sum a unno must read wid understanding or ask if unno nuh understand

    1. simply good day oo it dus a start so all di eyewater whey neva ketch ina di calabash will be caught soon :travel

    2. Mi really agree with that part if u caaa read n understand ask sumbady to explain it to u man cause no big word no drap from morning so it look like dem nyam fi dem understanding wit a cup a tea kmt

  19. in jamaica we dont put up with “effry” ah pare FCKRY MI SEE JAMAICA PUT UP WITH

    rephrase da statement deh mi nah jump on no band wagon and defend this dirty country filled with criminals all over the place what justice system man? THAT SHIT DONT EXIST SO PLEASE DEM NEED FI STOP HYPE UP DEM SELF OVER KARTEL AND GUH LOOK BOUT THE REST A CRIMINAL DEM TO IT A GET REAL DAMN ANNOYING NOW KMT

    1. Wicked but Kartel was leading n funding a lot of the criminal minds in JA so him is and should be a great place to start change is never easy r seem natural di JCF is doing a good job right where they are I just PRAY dem don’t start there.
      Unnu memba tell the youth bout “reparations” check how much a dem ass in jail now for that shit n tell me wat good has he done in the country more than give the police more work smh

  20. i swear dem ppl yah deh ova yah a read a day time, an a try get ideas from the comments the metters make.

    a couple metters did in fact say di family better watch out, now dat wi si seh kartel is an informer, some even said shorty muss watch harself and juss mek as much money as she can an go sidung.

    now before anybody threaten dem, dem run a talk bout fear and bout dem lock up inna house everyday, when was this informer news released again? so unno a talk bout unno lock up inna house everyday like seh a many days have past since the story.

    As far as me know, unno no have no fear or fear anything, because a fearful man is so fearful not even talk him talk. all now wi cyaah get a good interview from lemar or lizard side. dat a weh u call fear.

    unno sick johncrow stomach, mi agree wid di police releasing the info about kartel informing ways 100%. He is a criminal, a MURDER!! and as such, nooooooooo protection or consideration should be made for him.

    1. Lundun…but why dem feel so bad fi a lock up? Dem was GRILL UP at one point and now dem get a chance fi serve some a kartel sentence wid him

      1. Real as mi seh, a notice dem a look, dem ppl here love the spotlight and will do or say anything to remain relevant.

        tell di muma fi go luk fi har pickney a jail. she a talk bout har pickney har pickney, when not even look she go luk fi di demon. unno tink unno can fool decent ppl.

        atleast unno can lock up inna unno house where unno have some sense of normalcy, lamar and lizard family affi a lock up, hide out, stay away from all sense of what was normal for them. dem no know if dem coming or going, if dem fi sit or stand, unno need fi go lock away unno self from di media, unno irritating bad!

  21. A so mi like it ,yes a so mi like it !!! I have nothing but love and respect for the BIBLE. According to 1 Thessalonians 5:3 “For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape “. Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Before him bloodclat muma go ask fartel if him really a inform fi chu she go ask bumboclat newspaper…. Miss lady gwan goh wul a seat an shet u mout u only a mek uself look more dunce dan before. Unno tink seh a suh di world turn… Do evil evil will come back and bite u.

    1. goldie a how dem so strong and according to dem , dem son innocent? Di way mi wudda weak out if a mi bredda and dem lock him up fi a lie..a how dem so strong up? mek dem gwaan a jcf eye dem waa move offa dem,who is dem doe fi a send police threat and all a threaten journalist? since him a God fi dem ..dem gwine see

  23. A good fi di whole a dem,wat goes around comes around….dem nuh see nutn yet..mumma and sista seh dem a christian and look how much evil kartel did a do… Mi agree wid di police dem, I feel a long time world ass a inform pon people and then accuse others of doing it…him family did want di police dem fi keep secret fi him while other innocent people get kill fi weh evil kartel do…wicked dem

    1. Yes and while him people dem walk and terrorize people. Dem fi air out everythingggggggggg because people swear people picking on them and is a whole heap a tings dem gwaan wid and still going on wid

  24. Met statements a dash out from left right and center, kartel is appealing to the misguided individuals and Tavares-Finson is denying that kartel met with the police, even though kartel never mentioned it in his statement. The pot a bubble!!!

  25. So him and fi him ppl dem fi threaten witness, Prosecutor, DPP, Police, Digicel and d victim family, and nobody nuffi threatem dem? Nuh sanky nuh sing suh, if victims and witnesses family cant live in peace fi unuh family nah live in peace either, a wah unuh still think unuh untouchable? what goes around comes back around. Mumma kartel a beg yuh go look fi yuh son in prison, and tell him fi stop send out orders and death threats and call off him bull dog dem, its over, give up, just surrender, he’s done for, and when he can accept defeat and ppl no longer have to live in fear then you and your family lives will return to normalcy.

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