CONVICTED entertainer Vybz Kartel told the police the whereabouts of several wanted men in Portmore, St Catherine and provided the authorities with information that led to the recovery of 17 illegal firearms, a highly-placed police source has disclosed.

The move by the embattled entertainer was part of an effort to gain his freedom, or at least a vastly reduced prison sentence, the police said.

The startling revelation came to light during a Jamaica Observer interview with a member of the constabulary’s top brass late last week.

“He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him. During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped,” the source said.

The police said several wanted men were subsequently nabbed.

Kartel along with AndrĂ© St John, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell and Kahira Jones were all found guilty and slapped with life sentences for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, who police say was bludgeoned to death at a house in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, 2011.

The men will have to serve 35, 30, and 25 years respectively if the Appellate Court throws out their appeals, which will likely be heard in a minimum three years from now, based upon the pace at which such appeals are dealt with.

According to the police source, the artiste made the offer when he realised that the walls were closing in on him, after homicide investigators were sealing up their probe into Williams’ murder.

The police also said that Kartel and a funeral director also met with a top-ranking cop after a probe was launched into whether or not Williams’ remains were cremated.

Police are also probing the disappearance of funeral home operator Jennifer Edwards, who went missing in January.

The police said evidence was suggesting that Edwards was killed and her body disposed of as she had knowledge of sinister dealings relating to Williams’ body.

“We believe she was killed because she was the weak link and she knew too much, but we are still investigating,” the source said.

Last Wednesday, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington drew the ire of defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson when he declared that Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) was the boss of a criminal outfit that was responsible for more than 100 murders.

Tavares-Finson could not be reached for comment on the latest allegation as the Sunday Observer prepared for a press deadline.

The Sunday Observer source went even further and named a well-known gang based in several Spanish Town communities, as the gang that the commissioner was referring to.

“He was very influential in the Klansman gang. That gang used to carry out his killings for him until his Gaza Empire started doing the murders themselves. We have footage of him and a leading Klansman member bragging about the best places to kill people, whether in the church or other places. That Klansman was heard bragging that he shot eight people in a church already,” the source said.

The Sunday Observer has also been informed that the police have in their possession additional footage of the video that was shown in court where men were overheard planning murder.

The footage, the source said, showed a headless body, believed to be that of Williams, lying on the floor.

It was not clear why that was not entered into evidence during the recently concluded trial.

Shawn Campbell, another police source said, may have been a victim of loyalty to the ‘Worl’ Boss’ as he now faces the possibility of serving a 25-year sentence after refusing a deal to plead guilty to accessory before or after the fact and serve a

three-year sentence.

The police said that Campbell may not have known that Williams and the prosecution star witness Lamar Chow were earmarked for death when he accompanied them in a taxi driven by a man known only as ‘Need For Speed’, to the ill-fated house.

“We have information that he was under the impression that the men would be beaten for their carelessness in the disappearance of the two guns. When he arrived, we heard he was surprised to see so many strange men, who we believe to be members of the Klansman gang, and that is why him tek weh himself.

“We know that it is only after the voice notes were revealed that he became aware that he, too, could have been harmed over the guns. Maybe he would have acted differently if he had heard some of the things that came out in court,” the source said.

All four convicts are now being housed in a maximum security section of the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre on Spanish Town Road in Kingston where high-risk inmates are kept at the State’s pleasure.


  1. Not a Kartel fan or follower, but that story don’t sound factual. the observer newspaper seems to have reporters who make up stories to sell paper, Remember the story about the grave site at the quarry in August Town?

    1. Good morning, that have nothing to do with something like this..What they said makes sense because a lot of clans men were killed and locked up after he was put away..I was wondering how police run in pan dem so I know.. For Shawn Storm part mi nuh sure but it mek a likkle sense because he told the men that Shawn storm cudda buy back di guns but he really didnt say that to shawn storm ina none a di message dem

      1. Met in one of the voicenotes he did infact say that he told Shawn Storm that he has to buy them back and then they can do whatever to whoever. But him did a pree Shawn bcuz in the bbm messages he told the person that only Shawn and wee can sink them so they have to watch if police go for both of them.

      2. hehem, Met me pinch pon it, yu links pinch pon it.. SO Misty, this was before verdict and sentencing… it is what it is. Hey Tessa getting caught wasn’t by chance. Correlation and causation are separate occurrences…lol

  2. GM Met. I just saw this in observer and ran back here to find out how u didn’t hve it up. Wasn’t the funeral palor woman killed recently thu? Mi cah remember nor can I find the new on it.

    1. good morning, someone sent in that she may be related t the case but mi neva hear of her before in any involvement wid him and his dealings so I dont think its related

  3. Yes met is true one big purging did guawn look here some pple jus fe noh comment an read if ununohkno waah guawn cause unu sound dunce bad an stupid

    1. Dunce is an understatement, some people are just pathologically deficient in their understanding. This site for one has been saying for a long time that vybz kartel is a murderer but his admirers always accuse us that we are “haters”. What will they say now?

      1. They still won’t say anything, because unlike sensible people, even with all the information coming to light they still can’t fathom what’s going on!

        What is clear to an objective, decent & intelligent person, is way past their comprehension.

  4. Met when I saw this mi think a spam lol Kartel really give po po info no.sah country mash up but his link wid Klansman not surprising

  5. Lizard head cut off i believe every word as wey u say met me noh too sure bout shawn storm cause him kno how much pple him an him boss dash wey an killing is is hobby

  6. Yuh kno what grieve me to our youths some who not even born a jamaica but of jamaican
    Pareny are been judged and thier future is been decided on the actions of people like kartel. Its been reported and disscussed in high circles because hes a public figure if he was just a area don alone it wouldnt got so much bad effect on jamaicans abroad

  7. Happy Sunday and Morning Met, mi a wonder why Kartel woudla inform widdout having a deal in place before im start talk? Normally a defendant would have his attorney approach the prosecutor and seh mi client have evidence in exchange for a reduced charge or lighter sentence. Dem shoulda let im out an mek im friends know seh a im inform so them coulda gi im she same treatment in gi Lizard, cuz u know dem man deh nuh tek informas too lightly.

    1. itsme, when de gang dem come here and a chat bout ‘free worl boss’ a few of us done know sey him and freedom neva did a go ‘gree. Him will live a bit longer whey him dey.

    2. @Itsme, that makes sense. Why wasn’t a deal put on the table in exchange for the information? Unless this was for the first charge.

      1. More than 7 murders were on the table n if u go to police with info without a deal on the table they may keep the info n nor give u a deal. How smart is kartel now though lol

  8. No man kartel tink say jcf frighten fe info from him yuh noh see de demon dunce buoy a try trick jcf..loll i love the way jamaica is heading sake a extortion i affe lock up my bussiness dem slowly but surely we are getting there

  9. Taneisha shorty johnson whatever yuh name call d commish office start chat dem will give yuh police protection an go repent cause as it stands kartel safer than you right now

  10. This boy is a big disgrace to manhood, to the nation and to bad man. Kartel play every slimey and despicable role imaginable. These batty man, informer, bleaching bad man a real poppy show!
    There’s no honor among theives, world asswipe sell out him clan and give up the man dem Gucci shoes dem fi si road again.
    The only part in the above article I do not believe is, Shawn’s ignorance about their impending deaths. He explicitly stated on the tx that “ma a guh dead today” and ” big things a gwaan”. He is just as complicit. For his career and Kartel’s good grace he sold out his in law and childhood friend.
    Something tells me it’s all just getting started?

  11. Yes obara where is mr finson an him son met a not telling yuh how to do yu work but this must be on the front up a top yes man fe alll to see this amount a evil is beyond me jamaica pickney dem medz mash up cause a dis demon bout best place fe kill people is inna church me say a caan member de pastor man name from spanish town wey clansman murder pon him kneese while he was praying we affe thank god an pray hard say god dont send no major disaters on jamaica island cause de amount a evil wey commit pon de land

  12. All gaza slim is not safe either lawwd a wonder if dem know the calibre of the situation dem find demself in..some people a spanish town wey did swear a frame up dem change dis morning ..loll spanish town in turmoil a noh joke tink me whatsapp a bun up

  13. mi tell gnu longtime u nu …kartel is a serial killer….the funeral parlor woman have a lot of info so dem dash her weh,when dem see the case getting serious..shawn storm loyal to Vybz but Vybz never loyal to Shawn…Kartel only care about himself

  14. Yes i said it earlier in next post that kartel was trying to sAve hiself an sink everybody while shawn storm refuse 3yrs fe 25 sake a loyalty an if tings ver work out da way dey an him lock up shawn storm wudda dead long time

  15. Dis ya case tek suh much twist an turn, as Obara did seh the conviction was only the beginning fi real, mi anxious fi si wha deh come next

  16. A wonder if is mr brightlight an kartel go meet the top brass cause him seems to be not fretting ..dat mean whichever funeral pple go wid kartel give wey nuff murderers sticky pon dem(lisa hype voice) loll

  17. There was a lot of evidence on the phone for many other things but jcf didnt waana jeopordise the case do they left them out they didnt wanna bungled the ting ..and they would need withnesses like chow and parents of missing childrens an so fourth who are afraid to come forward..this case is groundbreaking because people can now know that the goverment will and can keep you safe ..

  18. Seeth ya now…heheeee… Mi kno seh dat devil worshiper a coward long time, him nuh loyal to nobody,but wat a day when dem start buss out pon him…pandemonium to boxside when him co-defendants dem start inform pon him…right ya now him safer in a prison fi true

  19. From Tesha did lock up, him birl Skirtel did tek over part of Klans. Some a dem neva rate him and refused to roll with whirl boss.

  20. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

    Modiva did a tell unnno long time seh “new name fi informer a Mr.Palmer” but nay did a pree weh a try tell unno from day wan :ngakak

    kartel has made him bed him must rightfully lie down in it him jus caan c him self a duh suh many years suh him a try everything fi duh road,cut time etc ..i hope him nuh try kill himself.

  21. Clansman dem ago buss him ass in dey wooieee dem ago beat him lawwd him ago bawl to be put in segregation it just started a viper man ..unu noh see how him look like king cobra …blood sucking vampire

    1. I doubt anyone will touch him inside the prison system. He has a lot of supporters in there and clansmen is just a small part of the prison population. Warders run things and will protect Kartel.

  22. Some ppl stil in denial gwaan fool unuh self dis plain like day an mr brite light betta
    Watch himself dem a go panic an dash him weh soon

  23. shit just get real ….gaza fans a wonda if unno still a claims gaza and bout free ,world boss slim u is one ediot gal :cd shawn u loyal to kartel but him no loyal to no man or woman and i believe u know all along what was going on ….unno shall rotten inna jail :kr :kr

  24. Good afternoon every one, Lwad it just began fi the werl ass just like Obara did say the day. As for Shawn Storm, him believe ina the ass so much that he gave up his opportunity for freedom, as he believed Kartel was going to pay off or kill witnesses, I can imagine how Katel knee them a buckle under him now, and water shit a run like stand pipe, I would never want to be in his shoes. Big up to the werl ass!

  25. Dem fi dig up al d dead weh mr brite light bury a bet u find piece piece abody fr
    other ppl tuck inna dem casket

  26. RHATID a weh mi did deh wen di story run dis mawning ppon INFAMA PALMA ……………A WEAK ….bwoy wah come outta prison …nuh wah beg judge but dede a beg police ……so wen dem arrest dem wid him now …nuh dead him dead ….a wanda if dem have infama protection a prison…………dem can go put him pon di cell block weh dem have ppl who could get in difficulty with other ie cell block alternative lifestyle :thumbup

  27. Met, I will play the devil’s advocate here now, in the whole system of jurisprudence, if the state secured a conviction, why the need to make this public knowledge, I’m thinking this is to the detriment of the incarcerated family et al, we know we want Shirley rot inna prison but I am wondering why the JCF took this route? These things weren’t mention in the trial for obvious reasons but if they have credible evidence like this obviously he cant even secure an appeal so why make it public? I think some backlash will come from this and my opinion is the JCF has made a huge blunder disclosing this information

    1. This was done in retaliation to the intimidating tactics that was used during and after the trial. Eye witness, his family, the prosecution even the police were threatened by his cronies so instead of putting up a fight against them have them fight amongst themselves.

      1. I think it is reckless on the part of the JCF you don’t retaliate in this way, it is duly unprofessional and reflects poorly on the state that’s my opinion. Look him away and do what is necessary cause wi know him wicked but this nuh look good I doah care who wah she dis or dat these tings have implications

    2. Riches, no backlash at all. The trial wasn’t based on these instances and it would have only serve to ‘clog’ up the issue at hand- the murder of lizard.

      JCF have all rights to disclose this now, so that people can see that if it wasn’t for this case there would have been other cases against him. I hope family members of people who lost their head isn’t screaming “free worl boss”…

  28. Shawn Storm realise that to turn against Kartel would have cost him and his family their life’s, So there was no point in trying to make a deal.

    My guess is that ‘problem child’ is one if the klansmen – because everything him Kartel did have to discuss with problem child, yet no-one knows who this problem child is. I bet if he came from Portmore the police would have arrested him and had him as a part of the case/trial.

    1. problem child a guuda be tescha miller. by the way, was there not a problem child blogging here before? that is if my memory was correct.

  29. Jcf got nuff more unsolve murder dem doing dem work bigup jcf after all cut off dbuoy neck an mince him up jcf dont stop we need more murders solving off kartel phones slim yuh call de commish yet ..oh poor short boss katel jus kill yuh carreer bosslady

  30. mi tell unu seh di bwoy DROP DUNG FLAT afta i trial as him lan inna di pen ……warden haffi put brown sugar inna him mouth … mi nuh seh weh woulda tap him from chat

  31. Mi all hear say a did him link stranger fi kill bougle…Kartel have a lot to talk to God about…luwey, Ryan, Jockey, Jomo, Bossy and frens…a some weh bright lite burn for him..the disappearance

  32. money run prison, him a guh good in deh. Klanz strong hold is at the spanish town prison at a section dem call the SHIP, n even if him did guh spanish town prison him woulda be safe over NCB(where rich men go) or South BlOCK where celebrities go like zebra, jah cure, alozade etc(when i was there they were there, sexy paul fr garden did a run deh dem time deh).. but anyway him a guh spend time a G.P. where a south man av the most talk… n again a money run prison… dem might locate him a A or B north or Belgium, hombre a guh good….

  33. IF U A FISH, U GUH SPECIAL(G.P) OR BOYZ TOWN (SPANISH TOWN)…. NO WHERE ELSE IN THE PRISON CAN SAVE U… but he was located at HORIZON(old thing factory)…. there suh a just bare S.P. (sentry post)… n andrew andem and him did locate pon the same S.P . 23 a think suh andem diss him…. horizon different fr prison, it os like jail… only cleaner n more suphisticated…. av recreational area n all…. but when the A.C. off in deh hot like oven… 6 months mi gi dem dung deh….

  34. Kartel started to behave like American rappers.For him to get big hits he actually Dejayed about what he was doing in real life.

  35. After reading this I’m saying does any one of those up & coming artists want to be linked to Gaza. As far as I’m concerned that word Gaza literally means death. It conjures up nothing but evil doings. As for the funeral woman the investigators should not rule out her disappearance as mere coincidence just yet. They should go above & beyond on that one. Investigative detectives will definitely have their hands full but they should not stop. There r plenty more to discover.

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