He said she had no time and needed this stocking cap wig which I see as no problem. I think many men have done this for their women. My problem is the fact that he was more than comfortable..excited to have his hair done up like a woman..What say you?



  1. It seems as if she is in hairdresser school and she had to do a practical. Being that she has no friends he (her man) volunteered. It takes a very confident and supporting man to do this. They have goals. He’s helping her to reach her goal.

  2. I’m with you Needle, I see nothing wrong with him being there for his woman, especially since she had no one else and NEEDED the grade. NOTHING in what he said in his post showed he was overly excited, what it did show is that he loved his woman and would do anything reasonably for his woman. There should be more men in support of their women to this extent instead of playing on the “so called” man shortage and seeking out stupid broads as side chicks! Sir your one of the few, I commend you!

  3. No,just no!the fact that he is smiling is a dead give away he enjoys playing for both teams.I have plenty plenty ways to express my love for my girl!

    I would pay a perfect stranger off the street so she don’t need no damn fren!

    1. NO NO NO !!!.. he could’ve paid someone on the street.
      Nuff girls would’ve done it. Bullshit.
      This is a joke, bout he left work early for a full head of weave.
      Then he post it for likes….

  4. I think it is cute. If you love someone you help them out, even if you have to put your pride aside.

  5. For the record “suck cocky” i’ve never taken on any of “you GUYS” on here.Promise myself I never will cuz can’t see the sense in a straight man tracing with You “guys”.A million thanks to you Admin for allowing me the freedom on here to express my ignorance.

    If and when by some miracle those “Guys” buy shares Inna pinkwall plz let me know asap so I can tek whey mi ignorant self from dem oo!

  6. Nothing wrong with him letting her do it on his head. But showing it in social media, something is wrong with that.

  7. I’m happy to see him supporting his woman… maybe he felt ridiculous and knew it would make a good laugh so he snapped a few pics. One of those “I cant’t believe i’m really doing this ish” sort of moments.

  8. Good day miss meth
    Good day metters

    I don’t see this as support, i see this as him finding a great excuse to dress as a woman somewhat.

    The things ppl do to stunt for the gram or fassbuk

    I’m sure he could have found a neighbourhood girl to go for free, or pay one as yardie and another blogger said, because he is already taking a financial hit by leaving work early. He could have used it to pay a gal. WHICH GAL YUH KNOW WOULDN’T WANT A FREE HAIRSPOIL!!!

    I don’t think he is gay or bi-sexual (although he could be, we just cant tell these days), but i think he is suffering from a disorder name attention seeker brought on by dis ting called social media.

    If he was my man, mi woulda gone cuz mi fraid sh-it splash inna my hole, and right now, mi nuh certain bout him.

  9. Not me one mumma r@@scl@@t… Pay one schoolaz fi guh siddung and get a nice weave. Unnu gwaan mek excuse fi battyman. FUC& DAT!!!

  10. Ah one nex PMoney dat. Gweh!! JJ, see yu new birl deh. Kizzy muss a get nervinus wid dis poce. Met, mine Kizzy mek har Lawyer call yu.

  11. Same suh @willie….. Not my head a boom boom claawt….jah know mi did expect fi come si fiyah a dash mi surprise fi si sumuch ooman along wit his ignore dat big bright red flag loll

  12. Some man when they love you will go above and beyond. The fact that he posted it. Shows he is confident with his sexuality. You cyaan even get some tiyaad wuckliss man, fe go shop and buy chicken what will become them dinner. She needed him, he was there, period. It’s good to know that his love is unconditional.

  13. Hell to the bloodclaat no,aint no phuck’n way you have mannequin heads,you have ready mek wigs…let your nay be damn nay this is sum gay shit and don’t come hit mi wid it’s just wig. If he had hair on his head and was sitting there cutting it off to donate to him woman cuz she had cancer weh tek hers and she needed hair yes…but the same way she left for school and the same way she would be going until she make time to do her thing.

  14. Mi seh @simply mi a expect fi come si fiyah a blaze but di bwoy get weh scotch free……wen mi ask my woman fi do anything weh she nuh Tink shi fi a duh yuh nuh waa si di heap a push up mouth an screw face weh she a fling dung an look how dis man jus sidung quite comfortable an relax like a him di wig really a meck fah loll

  15. Gwen! That’s a good man. Some of unnuh will dig out a gal hole but afraid to go buy her a box if sanitary napkins.

  16. Him siddung too comfatable fi true an all a tek pic…. Mi ask Mi man fi cut out some a di thread inna di weave fi me an him dweet cause Mi couldn’t see but him would a cuss badwud if Mi ask him dat

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