Women: The lowest I’ve sunk because of a man
WHEN a relationship ends, most people experience a sense of loss, sadness, anger and disappointment tantamount to that experienced when a loved one dies. The type of relationship you shared and how it ended will often determine how you feel, and when it fizzles, some women go to great lengths to get back what they had, and to end the heartbreak.
Some have gone as far as to commit suicide, killed their partners, or their partners and then themselves, as severe depression takes over. Others transform, and do things outside the norm as they try to cope.
What is the lowest level you have sunk because of a man after a break-up or argument? Below, some women share:
Shernette J, 39:
My husband was a Holy Ghost-filled Christian and so I felt that certain things would not happen to us. But after about four years into our marriage he joined the army and things seemed to change. Even before we got married we sat down and decided that infidelity was one thing we would not get involved in so when we were old and grey we could look back and say we had a good life together. Then one night he came home and we argued. I’d suspected things weren’t too right from before, but when he blurted out that it was my fault why he was sleeping with three other women at his workplace I became instantly insane. I stripped naked and ran up the street for about a quarter mile before I went back home. Fortunately it was in the middle of the night in the country, so no one saw me.
Louise R, 43:
We were arguing. He was obviously cheating, and night and day he would be gone and would leave me alone with the baby. One night after we argued and he went to sleep I took up my son, who was still a baby then, grabbed a knife and stood over my sleeping husband. I was about to stab him in his throat as he slept when the baby started getting fussy. I just decided that I didn’t want my son to see me kill his father and so I stood looking at him for about 10 minutes, thinking how easy it would be to kill him there and then. I walked out of the house and out of that marriage.
Ann-Marie, 32:
I cried myself to sleep every single night for one month straight after he left me. I just couldn’t understand why. There was no explanation, no argument, no closure. So it was very difficult for me. I had never cried over any man like that before and I promised myself it would never happen again. Because more than likely he was out partying with some other woman, laughing and enjoying himself.
Keisha D, 43:
Some people would look at it as low; I don’t. But after what I went through with a man I just decided that it was better to be with another woman. We understand each other more and we can relate when it comes to emotions. Man cold. I’m done with man! And me know nuff people in my circle who switch because of how man treat them.
Debbie, 39:
One week after we broke up I met this other guy and slept with him for two nights straight and then just walked away. I never called or went back. That is something I’d never done before in my life, but at the time I just wanted to forget the pain and hurt. It didn’t work. So it’s like I cheapened myself because of a man.
Shanay T, 31:
I took two weeks leave from work and just locked myself in. I didn’t want to see anyone, didn’t want to do anything, didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t answer my phone and harley ate. I just existed.
Ann-Marie, 40:
I knew he was cheating but I just couldn’t bear to walk out. So I resorted to playing detective. Each night he would come home I would physically check him for signs that he had been with another woman — like check him head to toe — then I would check his wallet and phone to see if there were any new numbers or conversations. I was desperate, and he would just laugh at me. This lasted for a few years before I was forced to stop my embarrassing actions when he moved out to be with someone else.


  1. The woman who went to be with another woman, I don’t believe that it was the man why you turned to another woman. I think women who say that, are just looking for an excuse. Love is love. The same hurt you get from a man, you can get it from another woman. Dem can cheat pon yuh, lick yuh dung, disrespect yuh, etc. 6 a one half dozen a di odda.

  2. Met: need interpretation please,,mi woman woke mi up out mi sleep and mi picture har face right,,di only ting is she never did home,,she guh school lol,suh mi call har on start cuss har bout weh she up tuh,but then mi jus tell har be carefull on mi luv har,am i loosing mi mind??????

      1. Love is a beautiful thing Triston, good for you…just don’t complain when she does the same thing to you lol

    1. Good Day ,Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. Lol at Triston.
    But dah woman wah strip and run outah door naked…bwoiie dear lord. Suh wah di husband did when she run outtah di house,run innah di next direction?
    Glad di lady wid di chile wah wanted to murdah di husband walk away, caz nobody nuh wut dat, and to think she would leave that child parentless.
    I have caught myself searching in a previous relationship, but when I looked up and saw myself in the mirror, and ask miself a wah di hell mi a do. Mi just put that shit and ask after he got out of di shower, of course him seh no,but my gut nevah wrong. After a few months mi just pack up and leave and nevah look back, change mi phone number and all, never regretted it. Weeks later found out that he had a young son. My mom always seh to mi, every woman have a sixth sense about their relationships and know when it changes, it’s just that some choose to ignore and find all kind of excuse to justify the way they feel. I had always promised myself to never do the searching and investigating and when I found myself doing that I was becoming something I was not. So never again, as soon as mi find out I am outah there, becaz I have and always believe that, I deserve bettah.

  4. I have stayed up all night outside a next woman’s house that I heard my man was seeing. He eventually came out of the house in the am. Run left the girl that was walking him out if the house. Worse thing is he didn’t say nothing to me he just casually walked to my car opened the door and said you happy now….you see you made me do this by accusing me. Mate I won’t lie I stayed with him for a week but couldn’t bare it no more. I walked away its been 3 years now and I don’t even look back on him.

  5. Wow you see how men can lose dem life and no know just because of their selfish behaviors !?!? Smh glad god made her pick up that baby. See gentlemen children are a blessing a them make most a unno no dead yet . She was a lesbian long time she just use the disadvantage of the man to get out the closet. Gays treat each other worse than str88 couples no fool yourself.
    When my very first ex cheated on me I cut up his stuff,mash up his computer and left him

  6. I am a snoop, suh mi always snooping and as di old adage goes if you look, you will find. Ms Marple nuh hab nutten pon

  7. Mi cut up clothes,bleach cloths, flat tire, war woman, everyting, but that was with my husband. Now i dont think i would find myself doing those things again.

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