1. The worst thing a innocent man can be accused of is rape. This is because ppl tend to believe you’re guilty long before any evidence as been presented or tested.To make matters worse even if you win the case,there will always be ppl who think you are guilty n a jus buss u buss the case with say a top lawyer.

    Under no circumstances will I ever put myself in a position to ever be accused of rape.

    1. You dont get it, this has nothing to do with any position you put yourself in you could be talking to a woman and she upset with yuh and put your info on social media that you are a rapist.

      1. I stand corrected. Nuff respect. ..as best as I can I am extremely cautious who I associate with but it only reduce not eliminate the potential risk you’ve highlighted .

  2. At YardieLoveThug, I always like your comments because you tell it like it is, but nuh you same one comment under the post that stated ” a man was arrested in connection with 2 0r 3 rape? Nuh you say “why him body wasn’t found in the bushes? And that you missed the 90’s. Which means, you already come to the conclusion that he is guilty. So everybody have family. Who are we to judge a man? People are innocent until proven guilty. Our system needs to ensure that the investigating team and prosecutors do a great job.

    1. Nuff respect Stupidity, I find myself nodding in approval with some of your comments. ..especially this one.

      I am sure that we can find common ground by putting the specific crime of rape in context. Everything we all do is based on judgment calls n we make them by the second regardless if we are good judge of characters are not.

      Having said that I’m confident you will agree the unique nature of rape makes it unlikely a person’s name is gonna be called twice. ..no thrice on multiple allegations of rape.We know every time Ms.Mattie shop or any shop get broken into the usual suspects of peas head n Mr.Pregnant names will get call up.

      We know is not them all the while n we wait for them to have their day in court.Hence with rape it is safe to say that man is a serial rapist so it’s not a matter if he is guilty of All…one act of rape is sufficient to make an educated guess of guilt. Serial rapists n pedophiles ought not to have their date in court but rather an expedited date to Hell.

      Differently still you are perfectly correct. ..tried deflecting…hopefully it work!!

  3. Yes but is di ppl dem a do di beatings widout knowing if di person guilty are not, di police need fi make dem know if dem caught a suspect bring him in an let di judicial system take its course, as much as mi tink raper fi dead mi Wudnt want a innocent person fi dead, trying to solve one f**kry wid a nex f**kry makes no sense cuz di perpetrator still on di loose

  4. yess police lock up someone for that, just like how u have a friction wid ssmaddy a immigration dem call pon u, now it easy fi tell lie pon man and crowd naw tek no talk a str8888 beating even death, that soldier 3 wks ago lucky they had to transfer him to central police station to save him, then to camp

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