10 thoughts on “WANTED

  1. Gm early morning crew

    Well good luck n prayers are needed in seeking out blackman n bigga!!Two in every three Jamaican men name either bigga or blackman plus the cops nuh have any pic fi bigga it seems smh.

    This woman top cop is going to be more legendary than Bob Marley I swear. ..Vendolyn sey that particular gunman is outta order. ..but sweetie when has any gunman been in order??

    It can’t be me alone so let me confirm with yall. Don’t you think Vendolyn is the perfect carbon matching female version of that traffic top cop..the one who sound like him constantly under his white overproof 63% rum n has shares in Wray n Nephew . can’t go Google his name now but unno must know a who. .R mi think him name starts with.

  2. Father God please cover the police force in my country as they continue to eradicate this NON-FACTOR, callous murders. Don’t take them in alive, Just kill them and done. KMT. Parasites.

  3. Look here she have nuff a dem picture. But if she send out di whole force fi go search fi dem unnuh same one a go cuss and talk bout put it out inna di public so ppl ca see a who and stop waste resources! Dem do this all over di world! Dem hav wanted man and dem put out picture and mek di public help, more eyes deh a road than inna di force!

    And fi all who a complain bout crime here is a way fi help, be vigilant and help police catch di nastiness dem!

    Police/soldier and government alone caan do it! And it’s about time we as Jamaicans citizens stop talk and do suptn too!

  4. Isn’t that female cop the sister of the X6 killer? She and him did have the same license fi 2 different guns..she a criminal to suh she nuh better than the people she seekin help with.

  5. Cham stop spread false news u deaf !!!! The lady name was cleared she was not related to him neither did she know of it, dem jus kotch on the gun pan a name, get u facts straight, furthermore idk if is even she that.

  6. F**K DEM exactly, u don’t kno if it’s her so shut da f**k up and talk about what u do kno…it is her and yes the X6 KILLER and her had the same license for 2 different fire arms. Whether she was vidicated or not the fact still remain..she a big fish inna the JCF so of course dem aguh seh Nutn nuh guh suh.

  7. Cham the fact that u dont know if its her thats why u need to shut the fck up !! A bet this is not the only place u comment it and spread lies ! The man find a name with the same initials and same last name as him and frame the woman. ANYBODY can get frame, even u suh gwaan chat shit.

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