Ghost haunts school!

THE YOUNG pupil said she was leading the prayer meeting in song when she saw a strange man with a knife coming towards her.

She fainted and so did six other girls.

They claimed they had been threatened by easy the ghost. And they are not the only ones at Badumedi Secondary School pupils who claim they have been threatened by a mysterious creature.

They say the angry ghost, who looks like a man dressed in strange clothes, hates it when they pray.

Daily Sun reported that the pupils at the school in Vontina, Moretele, North West said he arrives in red and black clothes and tells them that he will kill them if they continue praying.

There are many reports of children fainting during assembly, which is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. People are worried the children are possessed by evil spirits and on Friday, parents, priests and prophets from various churches held a prayer session at the school to scare the ghost away.

A teenage pupil said she started fainting in the first term.

“I was leading a song during school assembly when I started feeling weak and dizzy,” she claimed.

“I thought I was sick but then I saw a man dressed in black and red clothes walking towards me with a knife. He said he would kill me if I continued singing.”

She said when she regained consciousness she heard six other pupils had also fainted after seeing the man.

She said she is afraid of attending school assembly because that is when they see the creature they call Easy the Ghost.

“We go to assembly three times a week. Whenever the teachers start praying or reading Bible verses, I see Easy walking towards me with a knife. I hope this prayer session will help defeat him for good.” A worried parent, Maria Mahlaola (45), said she has taken her daughter to a doctor to be tested for epilepsy.

“The result was negative,” she said. She then took her to traditional healers, who told her that her daughter had a calling but may be haunted by evil spirits.

“I was shocked by this because she never faints when she is at home,” she said. “I hope the prayers work.”

Prophet Florah Mashabela (48), said she could feel the school is haunted by evil spirits. “A ritual should be performed to fight it before it kills the pupils to prove that it has power,” she said. Elias Malindi, North West Department of Basic Education spokesman, said after it came to their attention there was a problem at the school, parents were called together for an intervention, but it didn’t work.

“We decided to call on other community members, including church people to help get rid of the evil spirit,” said Malindi.

“We are still appealing to people who know how to deal with such issues to come forward and advise.”

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