Goblin causes pots, bottles, bricks and mirrors to fly
Flying pots, bottles, bricks and mirrors have left the people of Duduza, near Tsakane in Ekurhuleni, SA living in fear.
They believe the pots flying from the house of the Phura family is the work of a goblin and residents need help to get rid of the scary invisible creature.
Resident Sylvia Mahlangu said the Phura family told her last Tuesday that strange things have been happening in their house.
“I didn’t take them seriously but on Saturday they asked me to come and see,” Sylvia said.
She said she could not believe her eyes.
“The cupboard suddenly opened and cups and glasses started flying and floating in the air,” said Sylvia.
Neighbour Tayitayi Nzolo said he brought something called impepho and lit it on the roof but it apparently angered the goblin ‘who stabbed him with an invisible object.’
He said since Saturday things have been flying around at night.
On Sunday night, a child in the house said something was throwing him off his bed.
They tried to take the bed outside but it apparently wouldn’t move.
When they tried to burn it with paraffin, they said it would not burn!
Traditional healer Ntsimb’edlezinye Ngema said that the goblin might belong to someone who had died.
“Now the tokoloshe is not getting its meat and is eating food in the house or from the stomachs of the residents,” he said.

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