THE police have hit out against a claim by former head of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG), Gareth Henry, that he and other men were beaten with guns during an incident at Monarch Pharmacy in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew on Valentine’s Day, 2007.
Henry told The Guardian newspaper in England that he was one of three men who were chased inside the pharmacy at a shopping mall in Kingston by an angry mob intent on mauling them
to death.
“According to his statement to the commission, the police were called but were abusive when they arrived. One officer asked if he was a ‘batty man’ and then all four policemen began beating him with their guns,” The Guardian report read.
However, Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Area Four George Quallo said that the claim
was untrue.
At the time of the incident Quallo was the commanding officer for the St Andrew Central police division where the pharmacy is located.
“The men were holed up in the pharmacy and the first set of police who went there had to call for back-up. The police came with reinforcements and due to the large crowd had to use tear gas to repel them before taking the men away under a heavy police detail. They had no time to beat the men with guns,” Quallo told the Jamaica Observer.
A few persons in the crowd threw objects as the men were being placed inside a police car, one of which hit one of the men in the head.
The Jamaica Observer was on the scene at the time and had to beat a hasty retreat due to the stinging effect of the tear gas which had the mob, made up mostly of schoolchildren, scampering in all directions.
Quallo said that even after the men were rescued, a large crowd converged on the Half-Way-Tree Police Station and the police kept them inside until the crowd dispersed.
A customer who was in the pharmacy at the time of the incident also rubbished Henry’s claim that he and two other men, who were dressed in drag, were chased into the pharmacy.
“The mob converged on the pharmacy because the gay men had doused a woman with water who spoke to them about their rowdy behaviour. The woman ran out of the pharmacy and told passers-by what had happened. Word spread and in no time a crowd converged at the front of the pharmacy and started shouting, ‘let them out, let them out’. Nobody never chase them into nowhere. They walked inside the pharmacy,” the shopper said at the time.
Henry also told The Guardian that he took over the reins of JFLAG after the murder of its founding executive director Brian Williamson in June 2004. He claimed that Williamson was stabbed to death in a homophobic attack.
However, police records indicate that Williamson was the victim of a gay-on-gay attack.
Williamson’s body was found lying face down in a pool of blood on his bedroom floor. He had multiple stab wounds to his neck.
There were no signs of forced entry to his room.
Desmond Chambers, one of two men with whom Williamson shared the three-bedroom house, told the media at the time that he did maintenance work around the property and accused two men who had visited
the premises earlier of the murder.
According to Chambers, one of the men was a regular guest of the deceased.
“I have seen him here about six times (and) anything him want, Brian give him. Brian give him money, Brian give him food and help him to purchase (newspaper) to sell on the road,” he said.
Dwight Hayden, the man accused of murdering Williamson and who eventually pleaded guilty and was slapped with a life sentence for the crime, had confessed in court that he and Williamson were lovers.
During an interview with the Jamaica Observer in July 2012, former Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green also scoffed at claims by the local and international gay lobby that gays in Jamaica were the victims of wanton murder and marginalisation.
The former Scotland Yard detective said at the time that his statistics showed that the vast majority of murders of gay men were the results of lovers’ disputes and in his experience, only one was not perpetrated by a gay person and that was a case of robbery.
“All of those murders that I have investigated have been in relationships and are victims of gay
attacks, domestic situations,” Green said.


  1. Nuff a dem battybwoy ya fe sink like de Titanic. Mi nuh rate dem because nuff a dem a troublemakers, and non – productive people. I care zero bout a man who a pree a nex man.

  2. Clearly this batty man is lining up his case for Asylum, based on a threat on his life because he’s homosexual. The new ploy to enter the U.S, Canada and Europe.

  3. Listen this need to be brought to the forefront. These guys are affecting the country’s reputation, They lie and it gets international media attention, most killings are by their fellow gays, lovers, friends or just regular incidents that are not homophobic in nature. Gays live in peace even in gangster communities without people messing with them. They need to stop it. Some do it just to try and get amnesty to go live for free, get citizenship or get to live overseas. They even have straight guys who get in trouble and in order to not be deported they claim they are gay and are scared for their lives.Lie

    1. Morning I have been speaking about them since I started JMG , I am happy the Observer has taken up the torch…We the citizen of Jamaica also need to step forward. They have made us look like animals to the world.

  4. Morning Met n metters
    But I think everybody know say a di gay dem always a kill off each other but just like how you see dem love likes n turn battyman dem a look amnesty all fi likes but my advise to dem is stop kmt

    1. They report gay on gay crimes as homophobic crimes just to get sympathy , money and opportunity. The law that is not being carried out is also what they are using to carry out their vendetta..I am happy the observer a wap dem

  5. Yes a true because the police have all right to arrest dem when dem a carry on wid dem slackness but they don’t giving the battyman dem mouth fi tawk mi sick a dem no lie kmft

    1. If dem did a get lock up dere would be no talk for them to talk and tell lie bout dem a hide underground

  6. If only the police “had the time to beat dem” what a piece a buss assing dem woulda get. Its appalling to think we the citizens of this country would just lay down and play dead while they sink the country in sodomity.

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