There is a series of coerced sex involving goblins and teachers at a primary school in Bubi district, a senior education officer in the region has said.
The situation has seen male and female teachers having a taste of what “sleeping” with a goblin is like.
Boithatelo Mguni, the Matabeleland North provincial education director, received the report in her office.
“What has shocked me is that a male goblin is demanding a foetus from a pregnant female teacher. Parents have decided to invite a tsikamutanda to exorcise the school on Saturday. I cannot force the teachers to go back to school. They will go back when the school has been exorcised. Surely we cannot put their lives at risk,” she said.
Some teachers have come out to talk about the issue. But their fear of the supernatural has made them speak on condition of anonymity.
A male teacher told of how he engaged in sex with an invisible creature, although his story sounds like what happens when one experiences wet dreams.
“At first I felt an itch on my manhood. Thereafter I felt the urge to sleep with a woman and in the morning I woke up feeling tired,” said the teacher.
For one female teacher, it has been the case almost every night. The goblins are even getting used to her to a point of making demands.
“They are always engage in sex with me and one of them is demanding my unborn baby. I now live in fear because my child could die,” she said.
One brave female villager has taken an unusual route in a bid to fight the sex crazed goblins but her methods have led others to think she is the owner of the creatures.
“A female villager (name supplied) goes to school undressed in the evening purportedly to cleanse it. But she has failed to exorcise the school that has since raised eyebrows in the community, some community members suspect that she has a hand in the strange incident,” said the source.

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