Lusaka Man Dumps Wife for Girlfriend

A LUSAKA man has stunned his wife by dumping her for another woman, after working four years for his in-laws to marry the former.
This was the cry of Fridah Chisenga, 30 of Garden, who said after she stuck by husband Godffrey Mutentwa 37 of chaisa who had no job at the time, he instead went ‘awol’ after getting a job and took off with his new lover.
The dirge came to light in the Boma local court before Justices Abishine Michelo, Linda Tembo, and Pauline Newa in a case in which Chisenga sued Mutentwa for reconciliation.
Senior magistrate Tembo ruled that it is a failed marriage as Mutentwa did not want to reunite with Chisenga.
Chisenga told the court that when she had their first child in 1997, she went to stay with her mother in-law where the toddler accidently got burnt and died.
When she returned to him after the funeral, Mutentwa was so affected by the death that he decided to end the marriage and dumped her at her parents’ home.
As the age-old adage says, absence makes the heart grow fonder; Mutentwa followed Chisenga to his in-laws and begged her to return home and she obliged.
And after being apart for a long time, they were all over each other’s body and she conceived again.
“When I had the third pregnancy, he dumped me at my sister’s place and didn’t check on me for a while but followed me again and we reconciled,” she said.
With passage of time, Mutentwa fell ill but he hid sis condition from her.
One day while asleep, Chisenga said she checked his manhood and found it was eaten up with terrible sores; he had syphilis. But upon recovering, Chisenga said he deserted home.
In his statement, Mutentwa said after paying dowry, he went to serve for four years for Chisenga in line with her tradition.
Later, they went and worked in Mkushi at a certain company where Mutentwa said he observed Chisenga was knocking off early.
“I learnt that she was having an affair with the foreman. I decided to come to Lusaka with her where she again started an affair with a white man,” he sadly said.
He also said when he asked her why she cheated on him; Chisenga said she was in need of body lotion.
Mutentwa said he has been so bothered by Chisenga who has gone to the extent of physically fighting with his mother.
At this point, Mutentwa pensively told the court he used to pray and fast for things to change in his marriage but to no avail hence his marrying another woman.
Upon hearing this, the gallery sneered, while some with mouths agape and shock written all over their faces, shook their heads as if wondering how after prayer someone can engage in bigamy.
Mutentwa told the court that Chisenga went astray, wearing hipsters and denying him sex.
He said he wanted to get permission from Chisenga so she could accept his other wife but she refused.
In that vein, Mutentwa said he did not want to reconcile with Chisenga.

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