A man recently told a Harare Civil Court magistrate that he no longer loved his second wife after she infected him with a sexually transmitted disease.
Michael Muperi said his wife, Elizabeth Magwaza, once pulled his manhood in front of his first wife and children following a misunderstanding.
Muperi was seeking a protection order against Magwaza whom he was accusing of being in the habit of physically and verbally abusing him.
“I am being abused and embarrassed by this woman every day of my life,” he said.
Muperi told magistrate Mrs Babra Masinire that he wanted Magwaza to be evicted from his house for disrespecting him and infecting him with an STI.
“This woman is in the habit of verbally and physically abusing me over petty issues. I escaped death by a whisker last month after she pulled my manhood in front of my first wife and children following a misunderstanding,” Muperi said.
He claimed Magwaza threatened to kill him.
“I want this honourable court to grant my order to protect me from this disrespectful and disgraceful woman.”
Magwaza denied the allegations levelled against her by Muperi but said she was not opposed to his application.
“I am not opposed to his application but I am not doing what he alleged,” she said.
Mrs Masinire granted the order by consent which barred Magwaza from physically or verbally abusing him.
She ordered Magwaza to keep the peace towards Muperi at all times.

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