AFTER being marred by on- and off-stage fracas, the 2014 staging of Magnum Sting came to an abrupt end at approximately 8:00 am yesterday.
The problems first started backstage during Major Mackerel’s set.
According to several eyewitnesses, an altercation began between members of deejays Demarco and Masika’s entourage sending dozens of patrons running for cover as both parties hurled bottles at each other. Several explosions, sounding like gunshots, were also heard. It is unclear if the explosions were made by police in an attempt to quell the fueding groups.
Things got back under control and emcee Nuffy resumed the proceedings by calling Blak Ryno onstage.
Less than two minutes into Ryno’s set, another altercation broke out in the general area which once again sent the crowd running for cover. A stampede ensued and several patrons were injured.
“Hello, me no wa di man dem mash up the show eno,” Tommy Lee Sparta hurled out from centrestage before delivering a string of his popular songs. Tommy Lee Sparta was joined onstage by his entourage, and then lyrical rival Gage. Both tried to bring some order to the event.
The stage got even more crowded when Kiprich entered for the lyrical stand-off with Blak Ryno. Both artistes began hurling insults at each other when the police decided to pull the plug signalling the end to the event.
As patrons exited the venue, Kiprich was whisked away by a group of policemen in an unmarked car. Outside the car, a male — who is said to be a member of the deejay’s entourage — was seen suffering from a huge gash to the back of his head.
Before the melee, however, Internet sensation Gully Bop brought the house down with his performance. Clearly Sting’s most anticipated, act and clad in red and white, the entertainer silenced his critics as he freestyled a string of lyrics. Dozens of firecrackers went airborne and horns were blown when the ‘Gullyman’ threw lyrical blows at the absent Ninjaman and Alkaline. His songs including My God, Dem No Bad like Me and Ninjaman a Run from the Bops were well received.
The crowd couldn’t get enough of the fast-rising artiste who had to return to the stage at least three times to perform for his music hungry fans.
Earlier, up-and-coming Sashae quickly dispatched Candy K in their lyrical face-off while Sasha outpaced Reggae Queen.
Following the clash, female dancehall artistes Konfydence, Destiny and Stylysh delivered steamy sets.
The Magnum dancers gave a tribute to late dancehall choreographer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy, who was killed in 2005.
Favourable performances also came from Voicemail, Elephant Man, Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers clan, Ryme Minista, I Shawna and Demarco.

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