A MAN from Mutare’s Sakubva high-density suburb sustained a deep cut in the head when he was attacked by his wife after he overstayed at Prophet Magaya’s crusade in Mutare last Friday.
Richard Gwishiri (28) of House Number 50 Chineta said his wife of three years – Betty Moyana (20) – was outraged when he came home just before midnight from the crusade last week.
“After hitting me with the pot I fell down and became unconscious. She disappeared. I regained myself moments later with blood all over. We have been having several misunderstandings in our relationship but my crime this time around was that I overstayed at Prophet Magaya’s crusade.
“More so, we are no longer sleeping together and I suspect that my wife is seeing another man. She speaks with this person on her cell phone whom she saved as Martha, yet he is a man. I once contacted the boyfriend and he told me to back off,” he said
However, Moyana disputed the allegations saying she did not hit him with a pot.
She said they were fighting in bed when he fell on the floor and hit his head on the bedroom door.
“I don’t know why he is making up all these lies.
“How can I refuse to sleep with him when he is not always at home? He comes late and at times he does not come at all. I don’t have a boyfriend. He was strangling me and so I pushed him to rescue myself,” said Moyana
The matter has since been reported to the police. – See more at:


  1. Dude ah dat fi reach unno when unno marry little girls. Cah you ah 28, she ah 20 an unno married 3 years now. Suh yuh married har when yuh 25 and she 17 :bingung Tek yuh bus head and bun my yute….cah di young gurl still ah find harself :ngakak

  2. A bet dah man nuh try strangle or mistreat har She know how fi defend harself. Yardie dem have di license ovah deh fi married di young pickney dem, sarve im right, if it did ah fight har fi tru.
    But mi haffi laff u know caz, wife deh wid “man” name “Martha” dah name nuh sound African, suh dat a di fuss mistake she mek wid di lying of course. Then, wife seh di man drop off a di bed..a wonder if she deh read di news from outah jamdung? bwoy mi wouldah like fi sit een pan some ah dem African court case yah, caz fi dem case dem and di response wah dem gi di Judges nuh normal a kockafart.

  3. Di wife is ah sample fi true. Cah di story change ebry minute…an di name Martha :ngakak fi har bunna man nuh easy ah tall :ngakak Mi nuh tink dem high courts coulda tolerate we cah di laughing weh we woulda put dung…di poor bailiff woulda haffi wrerk too hard.

    1. Dem wouldah ban wi baxide Yardie..dem wouldah ban wi mi seh..caz fi mi can deh laugh suh when mi just a read di tory dem, can u imagine mi poor gal siddung deh hear dem yah tory yah… :ngakak :ngakak

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