She’s troublesome, wants to send me to early grave —Man

Ile Tuntun Customary Court Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned till July 5, a divorce suit brought before it by a man, Yussuf Sodiq, against his wife, Dada Sodiq.

Yussuf who has been married to his wife for eight years stated in court that she was troublesome and did not give him rest of mind.

He, therefore, prayed the court to terminate their relationship and grant him custody of their three children.

The defendant acceded to divorce on the grounds of irresponsibility and battery by her husband but refused that the custody of their children be granted to her husband.

“My lord, I’ve not enjoyed our eight-year-old marriage for a day because my wife has always given me hell.

“I don’t have rest of mind while I dread going home after the day’s work because she’s always looking for an opportunity to fight me.

“We have been moving from one house to another because our landlords keep sending us packing as a result of my wife’s troublesome nature. She not only fights me, she also fights our neighbours and turns them against one another thus creating disharmony in every compound we live.

“My lord, I pray the court to separate us before she sends me to early grave, “the plaintiff said.

“I also don’t want to stay a minute longer in this hellish union called marriage. I got what I never bargained for marrying my husband. He’s nothing but a nuisance, Dada stated.

“He regularly shirks his responsibility in the home and never ceases to beat me any time I ask him to be awake to his duties.

“My lord, my husband threw me out of his house while I was still carrying his baby. We had misunderstanding on February 9 which ended in a fight. He threw my belongings out and I rented a one-room apartment since I have no relative around whose house I could move to.

“Immediately he threw me out, he started dating another woman who once came along with him to my place. He sometimes came to sleep in my house despite dating another woman.

“I put to bed on April 17 and his lover was also present at the naming ceremony of our child.

“My lord, my husband came to my place on May 4 when our child was 17 days old. He put the child down from the bed and laid him on the floor. He then carried my bed away to his new wife.

‘I reported him to his mother but she could do little or nothing about the issue because he has no regard for her, “she added.

“I went to stay at his mother’s place where he was also presently living for some days and we fought again. He aimed a shoe at me but this mistakenly hit our baby by the rib. I rushed him to the hospital because he was writhing in pain. He thereafter threatened to kill me and the baby.

“We settled our differences again and he asked that I moved in with him but I refused. He sometimes still came to sleep in my house but I refused him sex because I didn’t want him to infect me.

“The last time he came, he accused me of dating other men and beat the hell out of him. He didn’t leave me until he removed my tooth with one of his punches, “Dada concluded

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