She Stabbed Me Twice With Broken Glass, Please Separate Us

“My life is at stake. My wife can take my life any moment from now if I don’t get rid of her. My lord, I refuse that she spends a minute more under my roof. Please, separate us.”

“We will both live together forever. I’ve been warned in church not to ever consider divorcing him even though he has consistently denied me sex.”

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A man, Yomi Adedeji has told Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, he is no longer interested in his marriage to his wife, Kemi Adedeji.

Yomi stated before the court that he was fed up with his wife whom he married 14 years ago because she was after his life. He added that she was troublesome, disobedient and violent.

He, therefore, prayed the court to terminate their relationship and mandate her not to come and harass or fight him at his residence or work place.

Kemi did not admit to claim. According to her, she has been told in church never to consider parting ways with her husband.

“My lord, please save me from untimely death. My wife will kill me sooner than I think.

“I’ve known no peace since we got married because my wife among other things is troublesome and hard to please.

“She’s also disobedient and flouts my orders at will. When I complain, she fights me.

“We fight everyday and are regarded as nuisance in our neighbourhood. I have no rest of mind or peace because of her misbehaviour and this is invariably hampering my health.

“My lord, she fights like a mad woman and has stabbed me twice with a broken glass. I bled and would have died due to loss of much blood if not for the prompt medical attention I received, “Yomi said.

“My wife is the most wasteful being I have ever met. I have set her in diverse businesses but all collapsed and the money I invested in them went down the drain. She couldn’t account for a kobo from the capital or proceeds.

“She’s an ingrate. Despite all my efforts at seeing that she’s comfortable, she still accuses me of not taking care of her.

“I’m fed up with her and no longer want her under my roof. I’m ready to take up the responsibility of caring for our children according to the court’s injunction while they are in her custody.

“My lord, my prayer therefore this morning is divorce, “the plaintiff stated.

“I don’t agree to divorce, “Kemi told the court.

Giving her reason for her decision, Kemi stated that, ”A prophesy came in my church that I mustn’t divorce my husband or move out of my matrimonial home.

Confirming the statement earlier made by her husband, the defendant admitted that she stabbed her husband twice with a broken glass.

“It is true I stabbed my husband twice with a broken glass, but it wasn’t intentional. I lost hold of myself after he provoked me to anger.

“My lord, he has been denying me sex for long which is one of the reasons we fight, “she told the court.

Kemi showing a sign of remorse told the court, “I’m ready to cooperate with my husband for peace to reign in our home. I appeal to him to forgive me, “she ended.

Giving his judgment after listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade stated that it was imperative that their union be terminated since it involves violence.

Ruling, he dissolved their marriage and ordered both parties to maintain peace.

Odunade gave custody of their children to the defendant and mandated the plaintiff to give the defendant N20, 000 through the court as their children’s feeding allowance.

He was further instructed to be responsible for their education and health care among others.

The court further ruled that Yomi should give his wife N3, 000 to pack all her belongings from his house.


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