A 26-YEAR-OLD man from Pumula North bashed his 34-year-old lover after he allegedly caught her red handed in bed with another man, who reportedly escaped the scene immediately.
Celani Sibanda went berserk, hitting his girlfriend, Grace Sibanda (34) using blows all over the face, before dragging her on a tarred road for about 10 metres in their neighbourhood.
This came to light yesterday when Celani appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Temba Chimiso being charged for physical assault as defined by Section 4(1) of the Domestic Violence Act.
He admitted to the crime, begging the court to exercise leniency when passing judgment, taking into consideration that he was drunk and had caught his girlfriend in a compromising position.
“I beg the court to exercise leniency when sentencing me because I was drunk and it was impossible for me to leave the scene seeing my girlfriend in that position,” he said.
“If it is possible I will pay a fine and I apologise to my girlfriend, your worship.”
He was remanded out of custody on free bail to January 12 next year for continuation of trial.
Agreed facts are that Celani was tipped off by one of his friends at around 11pm, who spotted his girlfriend escorting a lover to her home.
He immediately rushed to the house, where all hell broke loose as he broke down the door and saw his girlfriend with another man. The alleged boyfriend escaped through the window, while Grace stood still, inviting a torrent of blows from her younger lover.
Grace told the court that she was with another man and she did not see any problem because she was not married to Celani.
“Celani is my boyfriend just like Givemore Beru, so I do not see any reason for him to beat me up as if I was his wife,” she said.
“Celani came in and broke down the door and punched me all over the body. As if that was not enough, he pulled me down and dragged me on a tarred road in our neighbourhood.”
Grace was rescued by a group of neighbourhood policeman, who chased down Celani and locked him in the cells the same night.
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