A Harare teacher has accused her former student and caretaker of defecating at her house in retaliation after she fired him.

Edith Chibato has since obtained a protection order against Jammy Mabadhi at the Civil Court.

“I am continuously living in fear because of this man despite that I taught him in Grade 3 and 4. I employed him as a caretaker because I work far from my residence.

“In my absence, he would call neighbours to fetch water at my house and at one time my water bill accrued to US$800.

“I asked him to leave but he stayed at the house opposite mine from where he comes to fetch water and pass stool within my yard in my absence,” Chibato said.

Chibato said Mabadhi was also in the habit of threatening people she hires.

“He is trained in karate and when people come to work for me, he starts to flex his muscles, does somersaults which forces them to run away.

“I am pleading with the court to protect me from him because I am tired of what he does,” she said.

Mabadhi did not respond to the allegations.

Magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Muvhami ordered Mabadhi to observe peace towards his former teacher and not intimidate people who come to her house.

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