0 thoughts on “PRE DIS!

  1. Dem well prepared ……A wonda if the people prepared for what is to come mi done scared already from long time but you caah give up

  2. What is this world coming too,even though its on jmg it no go fi Jamaican cause we bad pan killing masquita ,so them would find what them looking for!lol

  3. Spy Insect ? and why Urban areas? WTF, with its potential to do harm /kill, dis more dan scary. Lord have mercy.

  4. gm met, very truei heard about this before…it was or is mainly used against other countries. Never knew there now using it against their own kind smh..nothin is impossible nowadays

  5. So somebody’s been reading “Deception Point” by Dan Brown, published 2001. Same author that wrote “The Da Vinci Code”. With technology and the intrusive government, you never know where fantasy ends and reality begin. Only Jah can tell whats coming next. Lock you door and seal you window.

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