A Harare businesswoman, Nyaradzo Hlatshwayo, was beaten up and dumped by her lover in a game park during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly in Victoria Falls in August.

Hlatshwayo of Borrowdale, who runs JustGas, recently approached the Harare Magistrates’ Civil Courts seeking a protection order against Edison Chiranga of Highfield.

Magistrate Ms Rebecca Kavhiya granted the protection order.
“I have suffered reported and unreported physical, verbal and financial abuse by this man,” she said.
He threatens my clients at my workplace and brags about connections in Government.

“At one time during the UNWTO he assaulted me and dumped me in a game park where I was vulnerable to wild animals. We run a transport company and another company called JustGas where he told employees not to give me any money before ordering them to deposit it into his bank account,” Hlatshwayo said.

She said Chiranga changed the logo of their company without her consent. In addition, Hlatshwayo told the court, her lover isolated her from relatives and friends.

“No one phones me as they used to do before I met him and he has a way of tracking my calls and messages,” she said. “He calls me a prostitute and his violent behaviour forced me to apply for a protection order.”

In his response, through his lawyer Mr Ngoni Manyangadze, Chiranga said allegations by Hlatshwayo were not true and denied abusing her.

“Her allegations are malicious as they are aimed at tarnishing my image considering that I decided to end my flirtation with her.
“I have never abused her and the business premises she is alleging we partner are my sole business premises.”

Magistrate Ms Kavhiya told Hlatshwayo to apply to a relevant court with regards to ownership and running of the business.

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