A South African based Zmbabwean man from Tjehanga Village of Bulilima has angered his clan after dumping his wife preferring to concentrate on a homosexual relationship he is having with a live in man in Johannesburg.
According to reports sent through by relatives very close to the man and his wife, Lameck Nkomo has opted to part ways with his wife of 16 years after his alleged homosexual relationship with Calvin Ncube of Tsholotsho came to light in April this year. Nkomo who has been married to his wife since 1998 and blessed with five children denied the gay allegations as being the cause of the breakdown of his marriage. Nkomo instead puts the blame on his wife’s infidelity for the break down expressing anger at his in-laws who he accused of paddling lies about him being gay.
According to information from the close relatives, the two men’s unholy acts were first brought to light in 2011 by Nkomo’s then eight year old child who was staying with the two men in Johannesburg. The child is said to have come home for holiday and shocked everyone when he refused to go back to Johannesburg claiming that he was not happy living with the couple as they are always making funny noises at night and kissing each other in front of him.
Initially the wife is said to have refused to accept the child’s report until more reports from people in Johannesburg started coming through about the couple. All hell broke loose in April when Nkomo came home without his wedding ring which he could not account its where about. On the day he was due to go back to Johannesburg Ncube is said to have come to pick him up wearing Nkomo’s ring. The two men are said to have denied strongly that it was the same ring claiming that the rings were identical. On return to Johannesburg a family indaba was called where Nkomo was asked to produce the two rings of which he failed to do only providing one claiming that Ncube had given his to a female friend. The two men confirmed to Bulawayo24 that they indeed have been living together and sharing the same bed at a Johannesburg apartment since 2010. Asked how they came to live together, Ncube (25) said that he just bumped into Nkomo who is in his forties needing accommodation to share and Nkomo offered him. Asked about the gay relationship allegations, the soft spoken and laughing Ncube refused to neither confirm nor deny the allegations.
“If Lameck and his wife have a problem they must sort their issues on their own and not involved me. See I have a right to live with anyone I want to live with in Johannesburg,” said Ncube.
Asked why he would not buy his own bed since he was also employed, Ncube said the apartment could only accommodate one bed. On why he does not get his own place in the wake of the allegations, Ncube said he was “happy and do not see the reason why he should move.”
When told that his living with Nkomo was tearing a family apart and angering the entire community where Nkomo lives, Ncube said that had nothing to do with him its instead Nkomo’s issue to handle. Asked to comment further, Nkomo said that he did not care what the people believed all he wants is for his wife and her brothers to leave him and his children alone. “I cannot leave my home and my children because of accusations from people who have failed in life. This woman must just go and leave me to raise my family alone. She even wrote to her family telling them to refund my lobola so it confirms we have no future with this woman”
Asked for a comment the wife confirmed that indeed they were having problems with her husband and the issues were around his relationship with Ncube and that neighbors and the community were alienating their home because of the allegations. A community elder and leader who would not be named claiming the issue was still premature to be discussed in public confirmed that the neighborhood was not happy about the issue more so because Nkomo was fairly new in the area. Nkomo is said to have moved to the area 2008 from a neighboring village.
“It’s a sad development this more so about a man who only moved to our area recently. Its worrying cause this is the first time we hear of such in our area We pray it does not get down to our children,” said the old man.
Closing off Nkomo undertook to go back to the village “soon” and clear his name and reveal a lot of damning issues about his wife and her brother in law. Nkomo claims that his in laws were fighting him after he discovered that his wife and her brother in law once killed a child. He would not be drawn to give more details on the infanticide allegations he was claiming. He however was also quick to say that he was not going to stop sharing the bed with Ncube as he was happy living with him.
“A lot of men are sharing beds in Hillbrow so why worry about us,” said Nkomo.

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