A SELF-PROCLAIMED traditional healer, who was hired by ZBC presenter, Shelter Kwaramba, to conspire against her stepmother, was last week sentenced to seven months imprisonment by magistrate Joshua Mawere.

Chamunorwa Rusenza was convicted for contravening the Indicating Witches and Wizard Act. Four months of his sentence was suspended on condition of good behavior while he will complete 105 hours of community service for the remaining three months.

According to New Zimbabwe, Rusenza was arrested after he indicated that Magnacater Chiweshe, Kwaramba’s step mother, owned goblins and had caused the death of Kudakwashe Chiweshe. The late Kudakwashe was Shelter’s brother.

Allegations against him arose in August this year.

Prosecutors proved that Rusenza and his accomplice, who is still at large and identified as Madzibaba Peter, met the ZBC presenter, Kwaramba, Stanely and Paul Chiweshe at their residence in Borrowdale.

The Chiweshe siblings then engaged Madzibaba Peter and Rusenza to falsely identify Magnacater as a witch in a bid to have her chased away from a home owned by their father.

Peter and Rusenza then went to Mupedzanhamo in Mbare and bought a baboon skull and a horn-like object which was filled with blood.

In pursuance of their plan, Rusenza further arranged with the Chiweshe siblings for them to visit the complainant’s place of residence where they would pretend to be extending condolences on the passing of Kudakwashe. Kwaramba then drove both Rusenza and accomplice and dropped them by Magnacater’s gate.

The court heard that Rusenza then asked the complainant to hold a prayer session at the home before they proceeded to the bedroom. Rusenza and Madibaba then produced two objects which they had bought in Mbare claiming they were Magnacater’s goblins which had caused the death of Kudakwashe.

Magnacater then made a police report leading to the arrest of Rusenza.

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