Man refuse to pay maintenance for children ‘born by mistake’

A polygamous taxi driver yesterday refused to pay maintenance for his two children saying “they were born by mistake”.

Appearing before Bulawayo Magistrate Victor Mpofu, Chrishard Sayi, who impregnated his policewoman girlfriend, Rangarirai Chipunza, twice, declared that his two children were a mistake and accused her of failing to use contraception properly.

“This woman tricked me Your Worship and gave birth to two children by mistake. She failed to use contraception properly and surely I do not have the money to pay for their upkeep,” Sayi said.

“I only drive a taxi for a living and have a family of my own thus I will not afford to pay the money.”

Chipunza left the courts in stitches when she hit back saying Sayi had a habit of removing condoms during intercourse leading to her falling pregnant.

“This man is irresponsible, possessive and heartless. He owes me about $300 maintenance for the first child. He was the one who removed condoms during intercourse and surely I cannot be blamed.

“What hurts most is when I told him I was pregnant the first time, he told me he was a married man who wanted nothing to do with the baby,” she charged.

“I then decided to take care of the child and later discovered that he was involved with more women. I applied for maintenance since I have challenges at work which were fuelled by him.”

“This woman tricked me Your Worship and gave birth to two children by mistake. She failed to use contraception properly and surely I do not have the money to pay for their upkeep”

Sayi interjected claiming that he was owed money by a lot of people and that his taxi had broken down.

“Your worship I am failing to make ends meet as we speak and my taxi is broken down. I clearly understand that our first child was a mistake, but this woman should be blamed for making me father this second child,” he said.

Chipunza shot back: “I have sacrificed a lot for this man as he did not initially tell me that he was married. At one time I even went out of my way and helped him get a job so he could take care of all his children he has sired with many women,” she said.

“I do not need anything but that he helps in taking care of the children as I have financial constraints at the moment. He recently tried to get me fired and his wife is here as a witness to some of these issues.”

The court also heard that Sayi went on to marry a teacher as a way of fixing her for falling pregnant against his will. The teacher, Sikhulile Sayi, was present and testified against her husband saying she was also being forced to divorce him.

“My husband sent me a text message while I was at work in the rural areas informing me that I had to divorce him if I wanted to keep my job. The message also indicated that my husband had a hand in Chipunza’s work problems. I am not sure why he is pushing me to divorce him,” said Mrs Sayi.

Magistrate Mpofu rebuked Sayi for being an irresponsible father and ordered him to pay $80 with effect from month end.

“Mr Sayi it is clear that you have character problems and my advice to you is man up and take care of your children. You are therefore ordered to pay $80 monthly with effect from this month end,” he said.

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