A SELF-PROCLAIMED pastor from Bulawayo’s Manningdale suburb allegedly raped and robbed two sex workers whom he picked up in the city centre.
Vuyisile Lionel Madzingwe, 28, would pay the women for sex favours before demanding back his money.
Madzingwe, whose church could not be established, appeared before the Bulawayo courts on Saturday facing two counts of robbery and rape.
Bulawayo magistrate Singandu Jele remanded him in custody to January 16.
Prosecuting Charles Danda alleges that on December 8 at around 10PM, the first victim was soliciting for clients at corner Simon Parirenyatwa Street and 11th Avenue.
She was approached by Madzingwe who was driving a Navy Blue Nissan, the court heard.
Danda said on arrival, the “man of the cloth” asked one of the prostitutes for a short time and was charged $7.
The woman got into Madzingwe’s car and they drove off.
After they had gone past United Bulawayo Hospitals, the accused stopped the car near a bushy area.
He then gave the woman $5 saying he could no longer afford the agreed $7 and the two had sex.
Danda said after the act, Madzingwe demanded his money back and the woman complied.
Madzingwe later demanded all the money the woman had and she refused, the court heard.
He allegedly produced a pistol-like tool and pointed it at the woman forcing her to surrender the $26 she had remained with.
Madzingwe is alleged to have conducted a body search on the woman and even inserted his fingers into her privates, threatening to kill her.
He then drove the woman back into town and on their way the woman opened the door and fled.
For the second attack, Danda told the court that the incident occurred on December 30 at around 11PM.
He said another sex worker was soliciting for clients along George Silundika and 11th Avenue when she was approached by Madzingwe.
The accused requested for short time and was charged $10.
They drove off heading towards Suburbs area. After driving past the Bulawayo Polytechnic College, the accused stopped the car and demanded that they have sex in the car, the court heard.
The woman allegedly asked to be paid first and was given $20. Madzingwe demanded his change and the woman gave him a $10 note. After sex, Madzingwe made a U-turn and drove towards town. He suddenly made another U-turn and drove straight to the bushy area near UBH, the court heard.
When they got there, the accused allegedly slapped the woman and demanded his money back. He also ordered the woman to give him all the money that she had and was given $60, the court heard.
Madzingwe is alleged to have also robbed the woman of her Nokia X2 cellphone.
After that he allegedly searched the woman’s bag and stole a bangle, sweets and a necklace. He then drove off and dropped the woman in Matsheumhlope, the court heard.
Madzingwe was arrested on the following day in his car and a cellphone was recovered.


  1. Why waste money on this devil? Why give him time and attention? Why would any Lawyer even waste a second trying to defend a creature that is not worth the smallest effort? He should NOT get any comforts to enjoy in prison.

  2. Lawd mi really nevah did want to lauff but dis a one time when di bad side a mi couldn’t hell but buss out one big one. Jah u see and know seh it nuh easy innah dis wurl yah. This pastor is a tekitback and then some sah from mi born mi nevah hear dem yah sinting yah. $5, $7 & $10 sex? oh lawd a wah a gwan ovah deh suh? Mi :sorry, but mi can’t stop :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Tinan, mi ah beg yuh fi tap di laughing eno….cah yuh mek mi ah dead oba yah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi feel seh if dis low dung scoundrel nuh bruk up him folly grounds him gwine get a serus stab eno….cah him ah guh hard wid dis robbery ting from punny tuh candy tuh Nokia phone tuh money. Him nuh nawmal….:travel

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