Pupil dies at school after goblin attack

A GANG of suspected violent goblins is causing chaos at Setshanke High School in Ward 3, Nkayi North constituency in Matabeleland North, where it attacks pupils during lessons resulting in them fainting and some have reportedly gone for two weeks unable to talk after the attack.

Lessons are being disrupted at the school and amazingly the goblins only attack girls.

All the attacked pupils revealed that before they fainted they had seen “creatures of the underworld” that beat them up and they lost it out when they tried to fight back.

A villager, Elizabeth Sithole said, “We do not know how we can assist our children because their lives are in danger because of the goblins at the school.

“A number of children have been attacked and some after the attack have gone dumb for two weeks. We are sure that this is not because of heat or anything because all the attacked children mention that they saw goblins before they fainted. When the victims are rushed to hospital the nurses after checking them always say they are healthy.”

She revealed that one pupil died at the school grounds after the attack.

When B Metro news crew visited the school, they found teachers attending to one pupil who had just fainted and it was the second time she was being attacked by the suspected goblins. A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity since the headmaster was said to be attending a workshop in Inyathi, confirmed the incident saying: “We are having a terrible time at the school. Pupils faint constantly. The girls seem to be the only victims and they say they see babies around them. It attacks one person at a time and before they faint, they scream. The issue is they will find solutions, but as for teachers we have never seen or heard anything.”

Ward 3 councillor Davis Mbiba revealed that the leaders in the village had a meeting with villagers where they warned them and for a few weeks after that the goblins took a break.

“The goblins have really been terrorising pupils, but they took a break after the leaders had told villagers that whoever was ‘keeping’ her/his things should remove them from school grounds. The villagers agreed that if the situation continues, traditional healers or prophets should hold a cleansing ceremony at the school,” said Mbiba.

In August polling officers who had been deployed at the school during elections were reportedly subjected to nights of harassment and intimidation by goblins which knocked on the classrooms and made a lot of noise.

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